What saddles is everyone using?

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by sfcyclist1

What would also be helpful is weekly mileage?

Sella SLR XP Ti. 50 miles weekly as of late but during summer, 100 to 130.

by Weenie

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Fizik Aliante and a Kurve Bull

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by drchull

Antares 00 - my favourite all around race saddle other than the expense of replacing.
Selle SMP - My second favourite, though find a bit hard. Allows me to rotate my hips more into a more aggressive position. Can't slide forward onto the rivet when needed though so really I don't like it for racing as I like to slide around a bit.
SI SLR-rarely use anymore. Good for short rides but a little narrow for me.
Williams TT saddle-Just got, haven't tried yet.
Arione-I find really comfortable except for the numb bits.
Selle San Marco Aspide- Came stock on my Cervelo, lasted one ride. A saddle should not flex up in the middle. Ouch.

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by wolfesquire

Specialized Romin Saddle, but now Merek Carbon Saddle. I love my Merek saddle :)

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by Gregorio

Selle San Marco zoncolan

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by mjduct

fizik arione CX Kium

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by WillT

Fizik Antares Kium.

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by edmundo

Disaster! Titanium rail on my non-gel 130mm Toupe has snapped.
Should I replace it with the same, as I was happy with it? Or (reading through this thread) get a Romin Pro (Evo Pro?) that many recommend. I spend a lot of time in my tri-bars.
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by MrRedRaider

M2Racer - Stiff, but the most comfortable saddle Ive been on - 8/10
Ax-L Apollo - used for TT setup, not as comfy but works well for what it was designed for - 7/10

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by Copperband

I have been using Becker Carbon saddle aka Tune concord for the past 4 years and the shape of the saddle really suits me well.

Prior to the becker, I've had Selle Italia SLR, SLKs, Tioga Spyder, Selle San Marco Era Ks and other brands and makes which I can't remember offhand...

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by howler

My sit bones are an average 110mm apart and Im reasonable flexible but have had lots probs finding a comfortable saddle. Seems every new saddle solves some probs but creates new ones.
- Started on fizik arione- despite being properly set up, it sent me numb in under 5 min
Then moved to:
- SMP lite 209- no numbness, no sit bone discomfort, but on longer rides did develop some chafing just behind where the tendon of the inner thigh joins groin.
- Romin- no pain, but some numbness despite cutout and nose was too wide and sharp-edged.
- Mantra- currently using. not bad, not as comfy as SMP but dosent give any chafing so guess thats an improvement.

Think im going to try some non-cutout saddles next- in particular the prologo scratch and/or regal given all the good reports here.

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by craddlepig

Selle Italia SLR Teknologika and CX Zero

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by nayr497

I'd love to try a bunch of these - Antares, Romin, Zoncolan.

I love older Sella Italia Flites and use them on my two main road bikes. I have a Selle San Marco Regal on my classic steel cruisin' bike. Oh, and a Fizik Gobi XM on my cross bike. That saddle feels so great I've considered using it on my road bikes. But, I also think the more relaxed geo of the bike helps with comfort as well :mrgreen:
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by lordconqueror

I was on a Bontrager InForm RXL in 146mm width for a long time and really liked it, but I had been wearing out saddles to one side for the past couple of years before getting refitted by a professional fitter.

Shortly after that, however, I switched to a different bike frame and have had trouble replicating the setup I was prescribed. I have been riding 2 different Antares saddles, one which broke during a 'cross remount, and another which wore out on the side that I've been having trouble with.

The Antares have never really right, although the fist one I used, which was brand new, felt much better than the one I currently ride on, which I bought off eBay as "slightly used".

Would the shape of teh Bontragers be considered to be more "round" than the Antares? I am thinking about trying an Aliante.

by Weenie

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