Which BB30 adapter for DA ?

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by Twalsh995

Thats exactly what I need to know! (y)

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by SilentG

i used a wheels manufacturing adapter for a year and it barely spun in my bbright frame. removed the adapter and the bearings spun fine. i've found that a full press in bb is a better engineered solution. if you can swing the coin, i'd recommend going with the praxis, or like product.

by Weenie

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by Mr_Carlos

I know this thread is a little old but I didn't want to start a new one.

I want to switch from BB30 on my Cannondale to a Shimano Hollowtech as I'm fedup with the creaking I'm getting from BB30 despite new bearings etc.

As I get creaking with the current bearings, I guess the Wheels Manufacturing adaptor wouldn't be any good? I like the look of the FSA sleeve, surely if you loctite it properly it wouldn't creak?

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by dunbar42

If you want to go Wheels Manufacturing I'd recommend their threaded outboard option. I use the Praxis Works solution which is also nice. I went through two sets of basic Wheels Manufacturing press-in adapters in 4k miles that started creaking.

http://wheelsmfg.com/products/bottom-br ... ckets.html

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by duzza

I have the wheels manufacturing outboard threaded BB30 to BSA bottom bracket, it works for a about 30 miles then begins to creak. I have had to tighten it after every ride. I am now considering the Praxis Works one....

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