Dura Ace 9000 - ETA late 2012/early 2013

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by rmerka

Well that rules out my freehub theory. You'd think the DA wheels wouldn't have any issues. I guess the bad batch theory maybe the most plausible thing right now.

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by smooth1978

I'm running the supplied wheels...Mavic Ksyrium SLR. (I hope the squealing stops after the brakes bed in).

Cannondale have said that they currently have approx 70 2013 supersix's on the road running 11 speed (DA and/or DA DI2) and they were unaware of any issues. Shimano too are claiming to be unaware of any issues! I must say that they have both been very helpful. Doesn't help the frustration though...

I have an 11-25 and an 11-28 arriving tomorrow. I can test ride out on the street in front of the lbs. Hoping for a better result. Third time lucky!

by Weenie

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by smooth1978

[quote="Horacio"]Myself and another rider from a different squad are having these issues as well. He has the same bike as I do and we were comparing notes.
When I'm giving an out of saddle effort, it starts making all sorts of racket. Its rather embarassing to have a brand new bike doing this. It almost sounds as if the rear skewer isnt snug enough.

11-25 or different?


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by Doolop

I can confirm having some noise issues with my 11-28 cassette. Though I did not realize it until I read about it here.

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by roselend

We too have the issue with noise coming from the 3 cogs on the carbon carier of the DA cassette. The 3 bikes that have it are all s-works venge's with zipp wheels. It's only there when you put power on the pedals, you can't hear it in the work stand. I've spent some time trying to figure out what it could be but I really can't find the problem. Ruled out pretty much anything else, so it has to be the cassette. Lets see what shimano has to say tommorow.

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by Foghat

I have a 12-28 9000 cassette that creaks in the 28 and 25 when putting high power through on steeper hills.

Was assuming it was due to the frame and/or wheel flexing, thereby causing the derailleur to rub the spokes, as can't find any other reason, but it's a fairly laterally stiff carbon fibre frame and the wheel is quite tightly tensioned and I would be surprised if it was this (and it doesn't really sound like the derailleur rubbing spokes). So it's interesting to read about other people's cassettes creaking (albeit in different parts of the cassette).

This is on a new bike, so no idea whether it would creak like this with different components.

One other 9000 cassette (also 12-28) on a similar frame doesn't creak.
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by Horacio

I also have a set of Zipp 303 FC in addition to my C24s and both are fitted with 11-28 cassettes. Both make noise.

The Mavics on the Cannondales will quiet up. My friend was concerned about the whistling noise when he applied the brakes, but I just rode with him on Sat and its all but gone now.

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by aerozy

Oh oh I smell a shimano recall on the books here. I have a 11-25 9000 cassette that was purchased a few months ago. Just waiting for my new frame. Please let us know once someone gets an official reply from shimano :thumbup: Thanks
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by Colin

I'm not sure if it's the same noise, but when I first got the 10sp XTR (mountain bike) group, I had an odd creaking noise in the middle of the cassette. Switching from an XTR chain to a KMC x10sl completely got rid of the noise, and to this day I've had zero issues with creaking from it. Anyone who is having the creaking issue tried a different brand chain? Couldn't hurt to try :noidea:.

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by BdaGhisallo

I just got off the phone with Shimano NA and they said that the Ultegra DI2 levers will work a-ok with an otherwise 9070 setup. I am thinking of going that route since they are a good bit cheaper than 9070 levers and are said to mimic the shape of the 7970 levers, which I love. I was told that the Ultegra levers can be programmed with multishift and different shift speeds the same as the 9070 levers.

Does anyone see anything wrong with my idea that I may not be considering? Am I correct in thinking the Ultegra hood shape is virtually identical to the 7970 levers? I see that the Ultegra levers only have two ports compared to the 9070's three, but I've never used any of the satellite shifters so I can't see that being an issue for me.

What do you think?

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by rmerka

Nothing wrong with that, and even if you did want to use a sat. shifter you only need one extra port and the Ultegra's have that.

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by zail4me

Hi there

Can I "downgrade" my Di2 9070 to 10sp? Has anyone tried that?



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by progetto

It's called 7970 :lol:

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by Sfelt

New here chaps but old in the flesh, take it easy on me, a few observations, I have a 12-28 as yet unused sitting here waiting for new wheels, the 28-25 is on an alloy spider with 6 rivets holding the two sprockets in line, but the 23-21-19 is on a carbon? (looks like plastic to me) spider with only 4 rivets per sprocket, 23+21 carrried on four rivets together, whilst the 19 gets another four separate rivets offset, applying lateral force they appear to be much more pliable than the two big brothers. I wonder if the carbon spider is getting its rivets worked too hard?
I have only used ultergra up till now so no comparison with the 7900 casettes?

As a side, this cassette, beautiful as it is, is going to be a b*tch to keep clean, lots of nooks and crannies :wink:

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by Horacio

Not much worse than the 7900 stuff.

by Weenie

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