Dura Ace 9000 - ETA late 2012/early 2013

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by airwise

I'm talking about 2012 Di2 working with Shimano MTB cassettes. Whole different ball game I think.

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by eric

Shimano 10sp MTB cassettes have the same spacing as road. It's the derailleur cable pull that's different from road and from earlier MTB derailleurs.

by Weenie

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by maxxevv

As said above, the cog spacing for 10 speed MTB and road are identical. If you can run 10speed road cassettes, you can run 10 speed MTB, provided that is the derailleur has sufficient capacity for the largest teeth.

The 9-speed MTB RD's were interchangeable with 10 speed Road RD's in Shimano's line. But not the 10speed MTB ones, which utilise a different cable pull as mentioned above.

Which is why you saw the XTR Yumeya pulley cages on the DA-9000 RD's and running 10 speed MTB cassettes. To fulfill the conditions required above.

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by Hubert

Which of the Sky guys was on 9070 w/ Yumeya cage? I haven't heard this from anyone at Shimano Europe. I know they're riding 9070, but not with any modification.

Wiggins was on 7970 with a modified RD cage to run a wide range CS. He could also have been running a 10sp Ultegra 12-30 CS w/out having to replace the pulley cage on his RD.

Additionally, the new 9000 series wheels come with a spacer to accomodate a 10 speed CS, which is why he was running the new C50 on the flatter stages.
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by SvenNijs

tommyb wrote:Anyone know if this is true? "You could even program them to simply make the right shifter shift harder and the left shifter shift easier, or vice versa, or really whatever."

From: http://www.bikerumor.com/2012/05/31/201 ... -unveiled/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I think he's written it in odd language but essentially you can programme each of the 4 levers/switches to do whatever you want it to i.e make both levers on "the right shifter shift (to a) harder (gear) and the left shifter shift (to an) easier (gear)". Obviously this would mean you couldn't shift the front chainrings but it is possible.
A Shimano rep recently showed me by reprogramming Ultegra Di2 while I was riding it on a home trainer.
Be careful though as you could have all 4 switches programmed to shift to a smaller sprocket and then never be able get back up the cassette again.... :P

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by tommyb

Thanks that explains it, I read it as making the feel of the shifters action harder or easier, the reason's I sold my old Di2 was the lack of feedback from the buttons, anyone know if the new version has a more solid 'click'?

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by konky

I guess this question has been asked and answered in the depths of this lengthy topic. Sorry if it is being repeated.

Can you use 10 speed wheels with the new 9000 groupset? I know you can't use an 11 speed cassette on a 10 speed wheel but otherwise would it work?

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by Guerdi

Wiggins running Yumeya cage and MTB cassette


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by Finn

Has anyone seen if the blue cleats (SM-SH12) are available somewhere ??

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by daj

Shimano Benelux says they get them in week 37 (it's now week 31).

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by vboy19

Any word if they are going to release hydraulic brakes?

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by XCProMD

I'm currently using Shimano Di2 on a 11-34T MTB cassette. On a Bike I'm using for Enduro Races. It all works flawless, except for the day when the chain guide was smashed by a rock, so whith not enough tension on the chain it bounced out of the big chainring until everything got stuck into the rear wheel. Inertia played its game and I found the RD like 100m away from where i was able to stop the bike. Even so I could reassemble the RD and now it's fully functional again (I use it as a spare)

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by bluesea

daj wrote:Shimano Benelux says they get them in week 37 (it's now week 31).

That's a long wait....arg

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by CamW

by Weenie

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by bluesea

Would be cool if Campy made available a hub shell earlier rather than later.

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