my new build, any suggestions

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by mikem86

so here it is more accurately with my weights for a medium/large frame took (large -90g) including clamp, star nut, headset, head cap, bolt and bb86. Also changed the saddle, tyres, cassette, stem, bars and brakes
Frame giant tcr advanced sl isp medium/ large (uncut) 1000
Headset (in frame) 50
Top Cap (in frame) 6
Bolt silver 2
Spacers carbon 12
Star nut (in frame) 40
Fork giant tcr advanced sl isp fork(uncut) 336
Arms ultegra driveside 502 crank 200 preload 4 706
BB86 64g
Front Sram red 58
Rear Sram red 153
Chain ultegra 256
Cassette dura ace 7900 174
Lockring dura ace 7900 6
Frt wheel Zip 404 772
Rear wheel Zipp 404 886
Pedals look keo 2 max 260
Pair Planet X Ultra Light CNC Brake Calipers 205
shft lever pair Sram red 280
Bars zipp sl bar 170
Bar tape/Grips specialized white black 40
Bar end plugs 2 x specialized expandable 18
Stem zipp sl speed stem 102
PROLOGO C.One Nack Saddle 98
Seatpost Included in frame
Seat collar clamp (with frame) 152
Brake cables Standard 24
Brake housing Jagwire 70
Shift cables Standard 32
Shift housing Jagwire 52
Frt tire Schwalbe Ultremo ZLX Tyre 160
Rear tire Schwalbe Ultremo ZLX Tyre 160
Tube front specialized turbo 80mm 68
Tube rear specialized turbo 80mm 68
Bottle cage 1 specialized ribcage white 38
Bottle cage 2 specialized ribcage black 38
Cage bolts 1 specialized black 1
Cage bolts 2 specialized black 1
Misc extra
grease and such averaged 22

Total in grams 6670
Total in pounds 14.704
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by sawyer

Well, I recall building up a 2010 TCR Advanced in medium and a friend doing an M/L (same colour etc) and the difference in frame weight was c.90g ... so you should be looking at c.1kg for an ML is my guess.
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by mikem86

Cheers sawyer, that's really useful, will update the above weights

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by lechat

At a glance it doesn't look like a 15.5lb bike. too many heavy parts.

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by jvanv8

Looks like a fun bike to me...
Sure you can swap some parts for lighter... really depends on what you are looking for. If you handed me the bike you just proposed, I'd probably say, "thanks" and wouldn't come back for 6 hours and would be very happy about it.
But if you want to lighten it up, I'd investigate the cost/weight/fun ratio of upgrading to a lighter crankset (I'm a big fan of the low Q factor Zipp VumaQuad but that's just me) and a 236g cassette can be reduced obviously... but the performance will be the same or less... at a higher price tag, so choose carefully.

Bottle cages can be reduced to almost nothing with minimal carbon models such as Tune. I've used the Tune versions for 3 years and only lost 1 bottle during that time.... on a road so bumpy and jarring that I was sure I lost 3 teeth... I have another bike with the Specialized cages you mentioned and they are very nice, hold the bottle better, and look nicer with a white (or non-black, colored) frame (since they come with a few color choices).

Zipp wheels are great. You should use them. Unless you want something lighter. Then seek out alternatives and save 100-450 grams. The Reynolds DV46C UL is my favorite lightweight clincher, but they are almost impossible to find now.

You could save 100g with Speedplay pedals. I'm sure you know that. If you like the Keo's, stand proud and rock 'em. No shame there.

Looks like a good smart build. Might not win any WW contests, but will provide plenty of grins with money saved for the next upgrade or build project.

For the record, I don't think there are "too many heavy parts" as previously observed.

Where are you riding this bike Mikem?
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by mikem86

Thanks Jvan,

Im riding in Belfast, N. Ireland.

I have ammended the spreadsheet above with new parts and weights.

Had a look at those cranks, they look class but unfortunately arnt being made any more. Ill have a look into cranks and seewhat else there is, maybe sram red? anyone know the weight?

Really want to stick with zipp as i reckon there the best deep sections to ride, and im used to look so going to stick with there pedals too.

Bottle cages are a place ill look into.

Going to go and look at handle bar stem combos now, taken on board the comments about adjustment

edit: bars and stem now changed to zipp

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by mikem86

wheels arrived, frame ordered......

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by Champ

You could go with many other bar/stem combos that are lighter unless you want the integrated set-up. KMC SL chains are lighter than Shimano and work as well or better. Many other lighter brakes out there that dont give up braking power or modulation.

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by lockwood1

pics, pics

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by mikem86

heres some pics, not finished and the sram red 2012 groupset will be here next week


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by mnmasotto

IMHO, Ditch the Zipp Wheels. They are heavy and overpriced! I had a set and was very unimpressed. This is only my opinion but I think the older style Zipp Wheels look dated. You can build a fairly inexpensive set of wheels based on a set of Stans NoTubes, Tune Hubs, Sapim spokes and save about a pound. Especially, know that you see the Firecrest Wheels on the street.

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by mikem86

thought long and hard about the wheels but im glad i went for them, ive tried nearly everything else and theyre the best ive ridden, wouldnt want to change them, the firecrest are good but the braking just isnt good enough for what i want

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by mikem86

weighs in at 14.9 on the dot, happy days!!

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by sled driver

mikem86 wrote:mish mash is just because i already have an ultegra groupset which i can use some of.

I have a large frame here, i will weigh it later on and see how it comes up. The medium weight came from someone else weighing it for me

As stated before...........

Why mix Sram & Shimano parts?

Pick one & sell the other on eBay.

It will work a whole lot better.

Spend a couple $$ or Euros, whatever your currency is called.

You'll be happier in the end.
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by mikem86

i didnt mix any, its a full sram red 2012 groupset

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