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by Copperband

jmartpr wrote:
Copperband wrote:
jmartpr wrote:The KCNC full Ti are not available in Campy format.....not yet.

Any idea when the campy compatible versions would be released?

This year, I hope...

We sent a request for those recently but they are probably seeing if more distributors will jump in so they can justify the production.
I really hope they do as I only ride campy on my bikes and the experience witht he Shimano/SRA< ones has been very good.

That sounds excellent. :thumbup:
I'll be eagerly waiting

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by da123

2ndgen wrote:Here's what I've found for 11-23 Shimano compatible 10-speed cassettes:
89g Ceradure $450. not as smooth as Dura-Ace
109g KCNC Ti $390. good shifting
103g Tiso Ti $480. good shifting
134g Miche Supertype $270. unknown performance

These are what I've found that seem to get good wear (3,000 miles?).
For me, the Ceradure is the sexiest and blackest (I love that),
but I could live with the non-shiny/darker than OEM Ti cassettes too.

Savings-wise from my Ultegra 6600 11-23 @ 222g? 88g-133g.

I love the aesthetics & weight savings (of course) of the Ceradure.
The Miche in 2nd place, aesthetically.

The KCNC Ti seems like the best compromise for weight/durability.
It seems I can save 113g (only 20g more than the Ceradure).

What do you guys think?

[FYI: Drivetrain is Dura-Ace 7800 shifters, deraileurs, Praxis rings/Ultegra SL crankset
with a Dura-Ace 7801 chain which I plan to replace with a black KMC X10SL chain.]

My ceradure cassette weighs 86g including the lockring. I am nervous about durability however, as this is the second cassette I've had. On the first cassette, the black coating started chipping off in lumps (as if it hadn't bonded properly to the aluminium). This was before even riding - I was just indexing the gears in a stand. Veroli (UK importer) didn't quibble and were very quick to replace, but was pretty disappointing for a £270 cassette. They did say that the coating is 'just for shifting performance' and doesn't affect durability, but I'm not sure this is in line with Ceradure's claims and although the cassette looks great out of the box, it doesn't look so good with big pieces of the coating missing. I should emphasise that I've not ridden the new one yet or even put it on a freehub, so maybe I was just unlucky and got a dud.

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by Exar

In case anybody wants a cheap Ceradure cassette:
Chains to the right!

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by artray

That's a cheap copy, Ceradure only make a 12/25 cassette ,and a mtb cassette , check this out ... pe=1&ref=n" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

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by Exar

I believe they also made a 12-27. The same shop had 12-25 cassettes on sale was well, I guess they've sold out.
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