Trouble finding good gloves for those who are tall and thin.

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by locktopus

I've been wearing XL gloves and trying on just about everything I can find, but at 6'4" and 170 lbs, I can't seem to find gloves that actually fit.

Mediums typically would fit in circumference (20 cm for me), but they're not long enough to span between my finger knuckles and thumb (if non-fingered) or if they're long fingered, the bottom of the finger ends up somewhere between the first and second knuckle.


Are there any companies that size based on both circumference and length?

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by eric

Not that I know of. I have the same problem being 6' and 145 lbs. I have to try on a lot of gloves to find ones that fit.

One tip: when you find gloves that fit buy a bunch of them. I've found models that fit only to have the manufacturer change them radically or simply discontinue them a year or two later.

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by tinozee

Same here, 6'4 and thin, and I found no great solution. I end up with Castelli Estremo in XXL. It fits well in the fingers but loose at the cuff, have to crank the velcro all the way down. I also tried Gore and a few other brands and had the same issue. Going small is no good at all either, it makes your hands sore and cold. I am tempted to try a bunch of high end ski gloves, there must be an ideal glove for us out there.

It's as if the glove designers expect you to have gorilla proportions if you are tall.

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by stax

I'm 191cm and 80kg and find Assos large gloves are a good fit. I've got summer mits, intermediates amd winter gloves that all fit really well. It's all I've worn for a few years now and are so much better than the Castelli mits I had before.

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by Nefarious86

Specilized Grail?
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by alpinestar

Have you tried Grib Grab? I have long slender fingers and they fit me really well. I have the windster for using now, and the lobster/nordic when i gets below 0 :)

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by locktopus

Thanks for the suggestions, but given my 20 cm hand circumference I'd be in a S Assos glove (which would probably be too short) and the GripGrab gloves have me in a M in circumference and an XL in terms of length (and I don't want to order just to find out they don't fit).

I think we need a database of glove fits. :)

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