Latest and greatest in stems?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by KWalker

leverage and bar width are complete red herrings. If it mattered you wouldn't see track sprinters on 36cm bars. Sure, that helps with aerodynamics, but if they lost power/leverage they probably wouldn't do it. If you're riding hard enough to need to really enlist your upper body on a climb or in another situation you're likely to pop soon anyways IMO.
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by drchull

I was really talking about in the sprint and what my subjective experience was when going up in size in bars. I am likely to pop on the climb anyways.
There are other reasons wide bars aren't good on the track and flex certainly is more of an issue in a track sprinter which is a completely different breed of cyclist compared to just about every other one. I certainly am not going to flex a bar like Bauge.

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by mellowJohnny

LouisN wrote:+1 on the Pro Vibe 7S stem.

I use it with a Ritchey WCS Curve alloy bar (compact, Ritchey makes a WCS traditional bend alloy bar also). Very solid.

Louis :)

+2 on the Pro Vibe 7S

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by trychle

Speaking of 'the latest', I hereby present the new 3T arx:


although I am not quite sure if this is mentioned before in this thread as I am new here..

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by fogflip

Is the only difference a single bolt instead of two?

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by trychle

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by civdic

Looks like a Ritchey. I have an Extralite, I like the hidden bolts and the clean aesthetics.

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by Mr.Gib

But a Torx head bolt? I am sure well can all deal with that with our light compact multitools (sarcasm intended).
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by Briscoelab

UGH!!! When is that new 3T stem coming out. I will need to stock up on the existing ones. ;)

Thankfully, I believe they are continuing production of the old line as well.

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by djconnel

My stems (both 26 mm, both Al):

Performance Forte with Ti bolts from Toronto Cycles: very light, rock solid
ExtraLite: bolt adjustment difficult, but extremely light and looks good

I'm running the former right now because it's 7 deg instead of 8 deg and that gives me a bit more comfort.

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by AllAboutTheEngine

No stem will ever make a difference to any aspect of performance (so long as it fits).

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by rodebaron51

So my 3T ARX LTD is already outdated after 2 weeks... Grrrrr

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by nathanong87

i bought a cavendish stem pro vibe to try and that thing is literally unreal when it comes to the stiffness department. weighs a metric ton and looks terrible though if your bike doesn't have big aero tubes. also looks bad if it's not slammed on bearing cover. I like the way it's stiff, but can't get into it. so back to the ea90 which paired to easton TKO bars has done me well for this year =)

and talking about stiffness in general, i tried tko bars on my cross was the worst ever. hands were numb by the end of 45 minutes. swapped to equipe pro bars.... back in heaven.

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by NWSAlpine

rodebaron51 wrote:So my 3T ARX LTD is already outdated after 2 weeks... Grrrrr

The LTD is still the same. Just the ARXII is new.

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by 1415chris

Chunky, bulky, fat, heavy stems!
What about the beauty of CNC: Extralite, Rotor...?

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