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by otveit

my experiences the last month with retroshift on my kona dr.dew commuter in 1x10 setup is consistent with what SWijland reports.

I find shifting extremely crisp, with dura ace 10 speed downtube shifters. The gear lever is easy and intuitive to operate in the middle of traffic and with rapidly shifting speeds. Braking is very good with avid bb7 road.

I am very happy with build quality, the mentioned play in brake lever is not something I notice in daily use. Recomended!

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by retroshift

Rolling Goat: I know what you mean by the front shift actuating the brake. This can happen the first couple of times till you get into the habbit of pushing downward on the shift lever instead of forward. Also take a look at the support page as there are photos showing options on how to mount this lever (I assume you are using bar-end levers) and if you are using a double chain-ring up front want to make sure you have it set in the corresponding position.

Very cool that you prefer it to SRAM Force. We have been so Shimano Ultegra based in our development and while we have a couple of riders who have moved to it from SRAM it is nice to hear this from the real world out there. :)

Shifting really is hard to beat (crisp and fast) a good part of this is the simplicity but also the more direct cable routing. It was a shame that Shimano bent to market pressure for the better 'looking' under the tape routing as it has resulted in Ultegra 6700 levers not shifting quite as well as the 6600 with exposed wires. For road where looks (and to be fair aerodynamics) are important this is great but for 'cross where you are unlikely to benefit from the lower wind resistance and where looks come second to staying alive we much prefer the better cable path. Cables are also far easier to swap out.

Otveit: Glad you are liking the model 0ne's. I love the 1 x # systems as they are pretty simple.

We SOLD OUT of all stock at the moment. We have more in production and ... new products on the way. Keep an eye out at for any breaking news. :)


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by bones

retroshift wrote:Posted a new video that shows system in action. I have had many people still not quite get how the system works, comparing it to a Paul Thumbie (which is a thumb shifter not an STI type ability). I hope this helps and also provides some enjoyment. :)" onclick=";return false;


Wow! The picture does not do this thing justice. In fact, when I saw the picture I was thinking, "WTF! That thing looks strange and it would be totally awkward to shift like that.". Then, I saw the video and it became clear that you don't actually take your hands off the hoods to shift. I like this thing! I was skeptical at first, and I still am about the front shifting. Maybe, another video demonstration of the front shifting would allay those concerns from people like myself?

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