Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Series - 11sp

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.

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by airwise

Double post. Sorry.

by Weenie

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by thisisatest

Ozrider wrote:Hope they do BB30 crank which is a lot lighter,and hopefully accepts aftermarket chainrings
Also hope group set weight drops tp match new SRAM Red which is rumored to be 250g lighter than current Red
Also a return to the butter smooth shifting of DA 7800

i hear definitely no bb30. possibly bb386 (bb30 related) in the future.
aftermarket chainrings? nope. i think somewhere mentioned 4-bolt crank arms. i dont know if it means a hidden fifth bolt or 4-bolt like the mtb cranks. besides, aftermarket chainring makers are relatively flexible, and adapt to whatever shimano does. shimano is certainly not going to bother doing anything with the aftermarket chainring makers in mind. i wouldnt either.
smoother shifting- i hear it's coming. some sort of proprietary shift cable. i dont know if it's super thin, at some point a thinner wire digs into the plastic liner easier, thus increasing friction. so maybe also a new, stiffer liner, kept flexible by being drawn thinner. and maybe a new lubricant that resembles micro caviar, and the cable rolls on the "eggs".
everything past the proprietary shift cable is my pure speculation...

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by JensW

airwise wrote:Don't think Shimano will worry about Red's alleged weight. Durability is an important quality for the Japanese. As for those still questioning discs, any chance of looking up the word "modulation" in Websters or the Oxford English?

personally i don´t think neither campagnolo, sram or shimano would put out something that isn´t durable and would hold up for much

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