Schwalbe Ultremo ZX vs Ultremo DD

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by rb4life

I'm looking for a new all around clincher tire to replace my Conti 4000s which I have had nothing but bad luck on. I know that the new Ultremo ZX is some 40 grams lighter than the Ultremo DD and would probably have a little better rolling resistance but good flat protection is also a priority. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the two?

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by SirEddy

I found the ZX really soft and super prone to cuts. Way softer than the GP4000s IMO. I loved the grip and feel but it didn't last. Friends have the same experience. I've only put 500km on the DD's but so far so good. I'd go with them if you want flat resistance.

I'm just surprised you had such bad luck with the Contis. I loved them and only swapped to Schwalbes due to sponsorship.
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by Weenie

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by wasfast

I have used all the regular suspects, GP4000,GP4000s, Veloflex Pave/Black/Corsa, Michelin PR3's, Vitorria Open Corsa 320tpi etc. My current light tires on my climbing wheels are Bontrager Aerowing TT's from my TT wheels. Of all these, the GP4000s's are the the most durable. All these are great tires as far as handling and low Crr.

I bought a pair of Ultremo ZX's at a reduced price from another user but haven't put them on. Just comparing the tread thickness and overall lightness by feel, these are very light tires. I think you could expect poor cut resistance and low mileage. They're made to be a race day tire, not a general training/riding tire.

For that purpose I'm using the Durano's and they have been excellent for that purpose and at a very low price at

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by sawyer

like wasfast i have used most of the high-end clinchers too ... and likewise rate the GP4000S's for their durability, grip and competitively low crr, if not the lowest.

The ZXs (HD model) I have on the commuter bike in 25mm. I will say they are comfortable in that size and run exactly to stated size. They feel fast and have good grip. One puncture so far on about 500km so too early to say really.
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by HillRPete

wasfast wrote:For that purpose I'm using the Durano's and they have been excellent for that purpose and at a very low price at

Off topic ...
I've been putting 23mm Duranos through hard times for the last 3 years, and they've been very good with me -- like one puncture per year. Recently I switched to 27mm (they are not actually that big) Conti 4 Season on my beater bike, and their ride quality is much more supple. Ok I also went from ~8bar to 6.5ish with the bigger Contis. The Duranos felt really wooden in hindsight.

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by artray

i was using michelin pro 3 then switched to schwalbe r1's and noticed a big difference ,now riding the zx and there really good, feel fast but to be honest i cannot tell difference between the r1 and zx ride wise,,,but i would say get the all black tyre as the tyres with colours dont seem to run as good ,,,they do cut up quite bad but last as long as any clincher ive used at that weight ,i also tend to try and ride away from the kerb as much as possible i noticed that i get a lot less wear that way ,most of the crap and junk is usually near the kerb so stay away form the kerb as much as you can ,seems an obvious point but it makes a difference ,,,,,,

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by steel515

DD have sidewall protection like Continental gatorskin. There was a staple which didn't penetrate the tire. SIdewall on mine might have some quality control issues. The Durano is even more durable. I think they claim 6000 miles?

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by kac

I've used the Ultremo DD tires for some time and found them durable, easy to mount on Campagnolo and Kinlin rims and much more cut/puncture resistant than the Michelin ProRace 3 tires that they replaced. Because of the apparent susceptibility of the PR 3 to flats, I tried a little comparison study of my own. I rode the same 30 mile circuit with a PR 3 on the back: 2 flats from some glass shards over 2 weeks of daily riding. I then replaced that tire with the DD and rode the same loop with that tire over the same glass (roads aren't cleaned here it seems): no flats over ~400 miles of the identical route. Admittedly, its hard to determine much from this limited comparison, but I highly recommend the DD for routine use relative to the PR3 (which is notoriously difficult to mount on some rims, Campagnolo, for instance).


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by sawyer

Yes the P3R does cut ridiculously easily. The P2R was a better tyre IMO - also was slightly wider and therefore more comfortable.
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by rjfrzb

Ultremo ZX HD, the tire I love to hate. I have a pair from last year which have taken everything I've thrown at them, on relatively nice roads of France. I have three tires which are trash after one ride each from this year, on another bike. Not sure what gives, but each of the newer tires suffered slashes, one through the side, two through the center.

Three is enough for me so swear off them. Not sure if there is a manufacturing problem. Maybe so as there have been reports of failures from OEM tires.

When they are good, they are very, very good. When they are bad, they suck.

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by qeaou

I am reading the forums and still looking for the tyre/tire of choice...

Had GP4000s for a long time, worked well,
but a huge gash on the back tyre after only 2000km of use, meant that there is something wrong.

I was considering:
- Michelin PR3 or PR4
- Diamante Pro
- Rubino Pro 3s

and of course replacing those with GP's

I see everywhere on the forums a hige support for GP's and it makes sense,
those were good tyres for me, just one puncture in the front after about 1000,
but am always looking for better,
(all rounders, some crit racing, climbing, mostly good roads with some bad tarmac, but no dirt)
I am still with the 4000s, even though it failed me (the side-wall gash was reported several times)
but what better can I expect?

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by wingguy

but a huge gash on the back tyre after only 2000km of use, meant that there is something wrong.

Why? No tyre is indestructible and anything can fail if it hits the wrong bit of debris.

If it keeps happening then there's a problem, if it happens once it's just bad luck, IMO. :noidea:

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by sjc166

If you got 2000km from a rear tyre then I think you got your money's worth. If it was 200km then I would say there was issues with the tyre but i would be happy with 2000km.

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by RMcC

I have been using the DD's for a while now and the rear tyre has massivly cut up recently. There are a few pretty deep cuts in the tread but hasnt punctured. I was a bit worried about riding on it but thought id try it on a local hill at slow speed. I had no problems and have done a few other rides on it. I was a bit disappointed it cut up so badly but at least it didnt puncture with cuts that deep.

by Weenie

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by bet987

I rode the Ultremo R.1 for a long time. Wore the tire out before I ever had a flat. Can't really find the R.1 any more so I switched to the ZX's. I have ridden the Ultremo ZXs for about 1500 miles with no issues. Really like the grip and feel. I run them at 120psi. No punctures, cuts or pinch flats. I don't have any experience with the DD's.

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