3t ergonova with campy 10 spped

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by digitalnorbs

man, I cant get over the 70mm reach, that would be perfect, but I do like the oversize tops on the PROs

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by Peter_E

Hi, did you guys route your cables both on the inside or one inside and one outside (before they go into the groove underneath that is)?

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by maxxevv

If you like super short reach with a ergo bend, try the Profile Design Canta SS. Its the shortest I can find at 70mm reach. Nice shallow 125mm drop too.

http://www.profile-design.com/profile-d ... -road-bars

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by Peter_E

I already have the Ergonovas but thanks. Just wondering how to route the cables in the best way.

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by thisisatest

On ergonovas, you can route it either way. Running both up front leaves a small hump on the top of the hood from the shift housing. Inherent in the shifters, not caused by the bar. Always seemed kinda odd to me. In practice, you tend to not notice the hump, or at least I don't.
I used to always route shift housing around the back, now I mix it up a bit. There are some inherent benefits to double-front routing.

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