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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by eric

> some say 10 others say 20

What other people say means nothing. It's what you need for your fit on this frame with this saddle.

Most seats have a good amount of fore-aft adjustment so 10mm either way is not a deal breaker unless you are already at the far end of the adjustment or the new post does not allow the seat to move as far as the old one (i.e. the head is longer front to back). For example I normally use a post with setback as I have long legs. But with the toupe saddles having long rails I could use a no setback post that has a small head, but I would not be able to move the saddle back much from my current position.

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by Liggero


Uploaded with

30.9 or 31.6 x 350mm both weight 135g, 134 after cutting the bolts. 117 cutting it to road length. 100$ shipped home. From good old ebay from lot of asian sellers. No logos. Available in 3k or ud, gloss or matte.

No setback though...
Happy Trails !!!

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by mellowJohnny

Looks like the offset is actually 20mm according to Easton:

Click "View Details" for the info

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by Leviathan

Rose has this one. ... aid:255099
Weights pretty reliable, 84 Euros, 175g, all logos are screen printed. ALu clamp so you could tune it.

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by Mertdemirel

I'm looking to buy a sub $100 , sub 200 gram seatpost as well, these are my top 5 selections, hope it helps :
(not sure about decal removal on any of them though)

1) KCNC Ti Pro Lite
31.6 x350mm 165g

New:100 $
Used: Goes for 45-65 dollars on Ebay

2) Hylix Carbon Seatpost
31.6x410mm 178g
New : 68$

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by syncmaster

I've used both this 25mm setback and the 0 setback Omni Racer posts and they've worked well. This setback version is Quite cheap at $80 and lightish at around 160g. The zero setback is lighter and also more expensive.

Image ... 33733061dc

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by Mertdemirel

Also look into
3) Woodman Carbo El 135g
$150 new, but can be bought for $85-100 used.

4) New Ultimate aluminum seatpost
31.5x350mm 157g
New: $130
Used : goes for anywhere between $40-100 on Ebay.

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by renoracing

I've had great luck with the Woodman aluminum posts on my mountain bikes, they all have come in well under 190 grams for only $50 on Universal cycles... unfortunately they don't offer a setback version.
However, the Williams Ionic CCS is a great deal, and now what I'm running on my Caad10. It's 20mm of setback, 185grams(uncut), infinitely adjustable for saddle angle, and also works with oval railed saddles... Hard to beat that for $95. The finish is great as well!

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by addictR1

i have the omni racer seatpost with 25mm setback. love it.. but now i find i need a zero setback; which the hylix is on order. gonna sell the omni when the hylix is here.

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by syncmaster

The helix looks good but if you're willing to spend a bit more you can save at least another 50g with the Omni racer zero setback post. I switched from the 25mm setback to the zero and love it.

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by addictR1

well, the hylix one i ordered is 410mm @ 178g. so hopefully it's accurate because if so, then i'll cut it down to 300 or 280 and then i'm sure the weight will be similar to the omni racer with zero setback minus the cost. :)

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by Camilo

addictR1 wrote:why not look into the Omni Carbon Seatpost? they have zero setback and weighs around 132g. not to mention around US$129 or so.

[edit: oops didn't see that others had already posted this info... but I'll leave my post as a "me too"]

The omni also makes a setback seatpost - but I think it's about 25mm, not 20. Just search ebay and online w/ terms like Omni Racer Setback.

I own one that's identical except for the branding - there's several companies that sell that seatpost with their own branding on it.

It works OK and is unbelievably light for the cost. With mine as just one example, the published weights are reasonably accurate.

The only downside is that the tilt mechanism is not the best I've used. It's no worse than many, but not as good as, say, a 2 bolt system. It has a ratcheted/notched rocker system which means the adjustment can be made in very tiny increments, but not infinite.

That said, I'm able to get mine into the right angle, and once there, it is dead solid and care free. I've used this post for three or four seasons and even though the adjustment isn't ideal, for me, it's not enough reason to spend a couple hundred dollars for a new post.

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by 573

6KCycles: ... 7675.l2562

I have the 27.2 x 290 carbon and it came in under advertised weight (112g) at 110g.

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by stubob

I grabbed one of these. 158g at 27.2x300, about 140g cut to 250. I've still got the Ritchey Pro sitting in the basement, but it's not particularly light (27.2x300 is 228g).

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by Mertdemirel

Just grabbed a 140g KCNC seatpost (31.6x350) for 50 $ .

That is quite light , considering it's an aluminum seatpost.

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