Easton EA 90SL users in here?

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by bicicleta

I used the search function for this wheelset but not much comes up, it's
either the lighter SLX or the AERO model that I found info on.

Anyway, I can buy this wheelset for 550.00 out the door at some local
shop, they look like a decent wheel in person, weight is supposed to be around
1550 grams, it's a new 2011 model. What say you?

Are they worth it for the money, durability, warranty issues, Easton customer service?

Go online for better options out there?

Thanks for all your help.

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by Butcher

Easton's Service is top notch. I have the SLX's and a protype tandem wheelset with no problems. Amazing that the tandem wheel set hold up with with 28 spokes [F/R] with a team load of >350lbs.
Be carefull with the bearing adjustments. You do not want them tight. Adjust with the skewer loose, check them when the skewer is tight. Best to have no load on the bearing.
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by Fourthbook

I'm riding Easton EA90SLs currently while waiting for a new Enve wheelset to be built. Although I only have <1000 miles of easy riding in good conditions on them, they came ready to go out of the box: true with very smooth bearings. Nice braking surface. Stiff enough for my 160 lbs. I paid $400 on eBay, so if you're not in a rush, I suspect you can find a better price online, if that's your thing. However, if you can add a few hundred $ to your budget, look at the custom wheel builders for options... you should be able to get a lighter wheelset with good hubs that is somewhat tailored to your riding wants/needs, ie White Industries H2/3 @ $400 + Stans or Kinlin rims @ $150 - $200 w/ CXrays for ~$700 total. And you have choice on spoke count, color, etc. Maybe even your LBS or someone local builds wheels and could do them for you.
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