Your Favorite Clincher Tires?

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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Yes, I meant S-Works Turbo clincher.

Ultremos have always treated me well, but wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere.

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by nayr497

Wait, Schwalbe Ultremos now come in tubeless? Hmm, I have some Vittoria XM tires on Ksyrium ES wheels on my CX race bike and I've been very happy with that. Was on Hutchinson Bulldogs before, those were awesome, but they switched the bead from Kevlar to carbon (or was it the other way?) and I could not get them to mount. (confirmed that they wouldn't work.) Road tubeless, I'm going to watch how things progress.

Are people thinking the Ultremos compare to Veloflex?

I really dig Veloflex Masters with Vred latex tubes. Vittoria Open Corsa CXs felt even better, but on a different type fo wheel, so hard to compare.

I'm 65 kgs, roads I ride are pretty solid. I do fast training rides occasionally, but mainly just solo 2-4 hour rides. I'm on normal (old/regular) width rims. Would I benefit from 25 mm tires in Veloflex or Vittoria over the 23s I ride on now? Or, is the wider rim the key to the advantage?
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by bombertodd

Veloflex cut a little easier than Ultremos, but the Veloflex have a better ride. I'm still not sure which tire I like best. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

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by 743power

Ultremos are by far the least durable tire we sell at our shop. Unfortunately they are also one of the most popular and most expensive. I don't understand what the appeal of them is.

For nice weather clinchers, I go with veloflex corsa or master. The ride is unbeatable, they grip great in all conditions, and they're surprisingly tough. I can get close to 2000 miles out of a rear.
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by TomUK

NJBiker72 wrote:
SilentG wrote:
Johnny Rad wrote:Anyone here with real world experience on Specialized's new 24c Turbo clincher?

Big reduction in RR over the previous ten Turbo, but I have no idea how good / bad the old one was...

are you asking about the s-works version? if so, they're very, very prone to flats. 3 flats in less than 200mi. last flat was a gash. grip was nice, couldn't notice a difference in rolling resistance. the tires are "race day only" according to specialized. that's even printed on the packaging.

i had a pair of the turbo pros that lasted me 1,500mi with only 2 flats.

My old SWorks Turbos flatted all the time. Not worth it unless you are racing imo.

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You must be talking about the old 23c turbos? The new 24c Turbo tires are perfect, I have had 1 flat in the 3 tires I have worn out. They are super fast, crazy amounts of grip and are comfortable at the same time so pretty perfect imo!

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by dereksmalls

Loving the ride of Veloflex Masters for summer riding, but I use Conti GP4000S black chili for winter riding

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by nayr497

dereksmalls wrote:Loving the ride of Veloflex Masters for summer riding, but I use Conti GP4000S black chili for winter riding

Smart idea and it offers a lot of a benefits. The bike gets dressed up differently for different seasons, so keeps things exciting. The tire life is extended. And, you grind out winter KMs on the tough tires, then float on air with the Velos in the summer.

I've got an aesthetic conundrum brewing here though.

I have blue Masters on my Casati Laser, but don't love the look. Too flashy, not classy enough. I have black Masters on my LOOK 566, very nice appeal. And I have black Masters on my Tommasini Diamante.

I'm trying to decide what tires to put on the Casati. Is dressing three bikes in black/tan Masters too much? Too boring? If so, what do I put on the Casati. Black walled Veloflexs? I also really like Vittoria Corsas, could put those on there in all black. They'll be on black Record hubs, silver DT spokes, Open Pro rims.
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by Devon

Campagnolo; because it's a bicycle, not a fishing rod.

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by wickedwheels

Veloflex or Vittoria Open Corsa

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by vdrey

CST correre. Cheap, rides well and is light. 120 tpi and 220 grams for less than $20usd shipped.

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by OrPe

vittoria diamante pro. 23's.

Supple, nice grip, durable. i like these much better than the GP4000S i had on before.
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by fromtrektocolnago

Michelin Pro-4 Endurance. Rides well and never get flats.
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by vdrey

fromtrektocolnago wrote:Michelin Pro-4 Endurance. Rides well and never get flats.

You do recognize, that by saying that, you're going to flat within the week, right?

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by Trunks81

I did the same with Ultremo as i did with my mtb tires. Did make them both tubeless.
Only problems is the ultremo is not made for tubeless. So now iam lighter as before !
Also this is an problem seen the change i have an blowout.
At this point i do not see the advantage in weight over tubeless. it is almost 100gram per tire heavier.
All the other positieve i get from tubeless is know by me. But if i want to have the lightest set i need to stick with innertubes.

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by ricey155

Just invested in some schwable zx 195g for my new race bike, look amazing and Run really tru and decent value

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