Your Favorite Clincher Tires?

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by Echo

Hey everyone. I'll do a proper introduction soon, however I have a quick question.

I am in the process of doing my yearly bike freshening (you know, the full bike strip and rebuild) and am replacing my tires among other things. Usually I would just find something cheap, but I want something with a mix of being a little weenieish and a little durable. They are going on my Reynolds Assaults.

So what are your favorite clincher tires?


by Weenie

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by bricky21

Continental GPS 4000s grand prix...around 200-210g. and plenty durable imo.

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by eric

I've been using Panaracer Evo 3s for training. They're about $35-40, light (210g in 23mm), last a reasonably long time and have good wet weather traction.

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by dustbin

Vredestein Fortezza Tri Comp

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by jrobart

+1 for 4000s. I run both clinchers and tubulars and love them both.
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by Colin

I recently got some Michelin Pro Race 3's and I've been liking them. Don't remember the exact weights, but they were both less than 210g.

EDIT: They were a bit of a PITA to install, though. Very Very tight.

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by claude274

I have Michelin Krylion Carbon and love them!

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by szazbo

Was Michelin Pro Race 3, Now Michelin Pro 4

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by Ozrider

Conti GP4000s on my training wheels and Conti Attack / Force on my Zipp 404's
Durable, good grip wet and dry, puncture resistance and predictable handling and at the right pressures comfort is also good.
I have tried Michelin Pro Race 3 and Schwalbe Ultremos which both wore quickly, had poor grip in the wet and puncture resistance wasn't as good as the Contis
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by dhendriksen

I run Michelin Pro3. Race.

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by weaverdcivw

I took a gamble on some Serfas Seca RS tires recently due to logging lots of miles and being tired of paying top $ for tires fairly frequently, I'm real impressed so far. Weighed in at 210 and 209, cost $60 to my door, grippy, no flats (yet, only have about a 1,000 miles on them so far) and yeah. I dig em. Can't comment on wet handling, been warm and dry lately.

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by duz10s

Conti Gatorskins, awesome tyres no punctures in 2 years and still going, done over 10,000 km
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by StuTheWeak

Brand new Specialized Turbo Pros (120TPI)...25c is best...they grip like super glue and you feel like you are part of the road. Sad part is they cost a little more.

My second fav is Serfas SecaRS...$27 delivered.
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by sugarkane

Veloflex carbon 22s Fast, grippy and a nice ride with foss tubes or latex
They are around 216g each
GP4000s are not 200-210g either... More like 230-235g each
Conti supersonics are great in the front and 150-160g each..
Not a good rear tire as they are pretty thin..

by Weenie

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by FreaK

had horrible luck with pro race3, loads of flats, not just me, feel great though.

no Vittoria OPen kx has become one of my favorites after taking it on adventures, i'm really confident in them, and they're solid and grippy for vittoria open tubulars.

the GP4000 is definitely a good choice, not a great fave though but good.

fortezza tricomp is quite nice but i don't like em in the wet
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