Lightweight Top Cap Expander Bolt for SuperSix

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by veloflyte

Bianchi10 wrote:DAMN all the light weight caps are sold out on Fairwheelbikes. Veloflyte, I want yours, I REALLY do, but I cant allow myself to spend $32 (Dont know if shipping is included in that or not) on a top cap.

I understand. $32 plus shipping might seem like a lot of money. But it's very difficult being a small manufacturer in the US and especially in California. The honest truth is that you get what you pay for. All the other manufacturers of carbon top caps just take a plate of preformed carbon fiber and use a cnc machine to simply cut out circles the appropriate diameter and then mill a hole in the center. So basically they are using the "cookie cutter" method of making carbon top caps.
The Veloflyte top cap is formed into an ideal shape....slightly convex overall with a small concave center section for the included aluminum bolt. This is the reason they are the lightest in the world....because they are built application specific.

I will be running a special very soon though.... Veloflyte is nearly finished with a new carbon fiber mount for the Garmin GPS computers. They will retail for $70. For a limited time, and rider who purchases the new mount and then sends me a good picture of the mount on their bicycle with the Garmin computer installed will receive a Veloflyte Carbon Top Cap for $3. As soon as I have the new Garmin Carbon mounts ready, I'll post the offer on my website.

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by kman

Bianchi10 wrote:New cannondale expander plug is now available ... p_106.html" onclick=";return false;

Now out of stock. :(
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