SRAM Red, i-Links and Powercordz

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by 1415chris

You could add Niro housing to this list, as far as I'm concern, the lightest on the market. Unlike the mini I link, they work perfectly as any regular steel housing.
Brakes 20g/m
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Got them paired with PC cables. Very happy.

by Weenie

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by leosantos

Tks all! So helpful.. I PMd you abou where to get that combo..

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by leosantos

I end up buying with the OP's combo, powercordz with ilinks / mini ilinks. Powercordz costumer service advised against it because of the minis, as they have posted before, and advised using the PC liner with the ilinks.

Again, is anyone using this combo? I have a few weeks before they ship here, but will I be able to use the ilinks without the liner if I want to? or to use PC with the minis without modifying them? or if I need to tune the inside of the minis, any tips?

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by leosantos

hey, guess what? it all worked!

pcordz with i-links / mini i-links.. did by my mechanic, I gave up trying that myself, itd be my first time mounting any cables at all, not exactly the perfect combo to start with by what I read here..

it felt precise and responsive to me over a short, plain test ride, yet I tested shifting more than braking. honestly, I need a lot more km with it for a serious review, and even then.. red group is new, so still very harsh, and all components and brand are new to me. so I should limit myself to saying it works!

edit: it even looked nice, the yellow pcordz matching the yellow brake pads! I thought it´d look all yellow cables through the downtube, but "white" liners are there . I dont mean to be precise here, but the combo might have saved about 70 gr over the previous yokozuna cabling set

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by Imaking20

Any more info about the Niro housing?

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by Kneedragon

It seems that quite a few people have gotten the Mini i-Links and Powercordz working. Since PC themselves don't recommend this combination due to the fact that the cordz cannot fit into the liner, I'm wondering what liner everyone is using to make this work?

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