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by rogan

Hello all

I have a SRAM Red 2012 shifter set and rear mech the final 10 speed versions thats supposed to be with a YAW front mech.

I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to buying the rather pricey red YAW, i've seen that DA7900 works quite well, but I then remembered that the SRAM 22 sets are all YAW, so would a sram force 22 YAW front mech work..?


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by dcktr

the Yaw is a big step up. Worth the $$. I have yet to drop a chain. I would go to Shimano if you do not use the YAW.

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by 2002maniac

I run a DA7900 with 2012 RED crankset and Stronglight CT2 rings. Shifts great (though I hear YAW is phenomenal)

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by rogan

Cheers guys

i guess my main quesiton is, can i use SRAM Force 22 FD with sram red 10 speed shifters

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by Wookieopolis

Force 22 FD will have a slightly narrower cage than the 10 speed Red Yaw FD. I'm sure it will work, but you will probably have to deal with some chain rub. Maybe run an 11 speed chain with it too?

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by theremery

Just get a normal 10 speed Yaw Force...they're about 65USD on ebay :)
You can get a normal red to work but it's not perfect so DO go the YAW one
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by rogan

there isnt a force yaw fd thats not 22 unfortunately

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by johnsaysthisnow

just got a force 22 FD to pair with my existing 10sp setup (rival) - If i get around to installing it in a timely manner along with the recabling I need to do, I can report back. I remember reading somewhere that, while the cage is a tad narrower than the 10 speed FDs, that they would work just fine with a 10 speed setup.

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