Carbon clincher - noisy inflation

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by Rokkala

Hey, searched but didn't find anything.

Was inflating the tyres on some carbon clinchers for the first time and was slightly concerned to hear both wheels making creaking/cracking noises for a few minutes once i'd pumped them up past about 100psi.

Is this a normal thing with carbon clinchers and just part of the wheel 'settling in' or something I should be worried about? :noidea: They are 50mm, from far sports.

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by Kevin3182

putting tires on my williams 38s for the first time created some creaking, couple hundred miles later im not having any problems. i donʻt think its any thing to worry about :thumbup:

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by Geoff

Just spokes seating, it sounds like...

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by dw67

if the spokes are moving you have a problem. I don't think its that.

Its the tire beed settled into the carbon rim. I get that every time I put a new tire on my carbon clinchers. Nothing to worry about.

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by Rokkala

Thanks, that's what i wanted to hear :thumbup:

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