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by rruff

theremery wrote:A common "line" I hear is that they puncture so much more easily. "really?' I say....." so the glass has made it all they way through the casing and you think the difference between latex and butyl underneath really makes a difference?".....pretty niaive :(

Actually it does make a difference. The latex tube will resist puncturing from a foreign object better than butyl... but you need to get to it quickly.

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by dereksmalls

theremery wrote:^.urgh....dammit.
Perhaps we can split a bulk pack from an importer? I know a good 10 pluis people that's buy in if we could get them cheap enough. In the meantime....try PBK for the Michelins.

Just received a tip off my old LBS had 4 Vittoria latex in stock, so they are holding them for me. $15 each! Half of what I had been told when I called another shop and they said it would be special back order too! But we could also look into a bulk buy if you can get something cheap from overseas.

Also the X Cross cages, got an email from the guy saying they are on back order as his stock got crushed recently :( So I have to wait a month or so to re order those. Oh well, a little less strain on my credit card then.

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by mcatano

Just to add another option... I just received a box of stems, seatposts, and headsets from Loaded Precision to spec on a batch of cx frames I built for a local team. The stuff is really nice looking, quite light, and comes in a bunch of colours. They're largely a mtb company, but the "x-lite" series seems pretty appropriate for road/cx use.

The claimed weights are 66g for the 1-1/8" headset, 280g for an uncut 400mm seatpost, and 109g for a 90mm stem. They come stock w/ Ti hardware, the stem has a carbon faceplate, and the headset has angular contact hybrid ceramic bearings.

Sadly, they don't offer the headset in a rasta colour scheme.

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by yzeater

Leviathan wrote:HOwever, I will grant you SRAM Red at 133 is a real bargain - is that second hand?

Yes, lightly used.

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by theremery

That sram red bargain is NOT normal and massively distorts normal prices, I think.
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