Slickest saddlebag alternative, components and weights

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by bones

Roeboe wrote:" onclick=";return false;

I use this, you can also fit in 1 Co2 cartridge + valve tool.

We have a winner! I like this one. Very small, compact. Carry what you need and leave the other tools at home for the Freds.

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by WeightySteve

The first time I would decide to use one of them I'd get 3 punctures, a chain link would fail and my seatpost, headset and brake blocks would come loose.

by Weenie

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by Pepijn2010

Just bought and installed the Continental saddle bag. Wow ! This one was really the one I was looking for ! Even lighter than the one I used before (saved me some 10 grams, now at 23 grams).

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by EightFiveTwo

fpmesiIII wrote:all you need is a


and a jersey pocket...

Thank you! I'm the only one to think that way.

Why the hell you want to add "weight" to your bike, when we (at least most people from this forum) are spending TIME and MONEY to figure out how to save weight. Put that $hit in a ziplock-bag and tuck in your jersey and call it for the day. If you want more "style" and be more "slick", use a small Gucci make-up bag. Or use a Sunglasses bag (comes with your sunglasses). NONE of the saddlebag looks decent cuz they all look so "out of place" when you put them on the bike.

If you must go with a saddlebag and try to be "slick" about it, look at the Scicon "Aeronaut"---comes in black and yellow-neon.

Saddle bag is NOT slick...get used to that :welcome:

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by thprice

Sticky-Pod bag fits in jersey pocket (rule 31)

Small Sticky-Pod bag contains:
- Conti Lite tube
- tip-top puncture repair kit
- Topeak toolbar tool
- cards/license
- key
- phone
- chain link
- Park Tool TB-2 Tyre Boot


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by AGW

I dunno, I think this looks pretty pro as far as self-support goes:


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by BobSantini

I use one of these little guys. Is neat.
It will take a 55g tube, inflater with 1 cartridge only, a couple of tyre levers plus a few allens.
r o y g b i v

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I thought a good thread to start would be a saddle/kit bag weight thread. We show our bikes why not the rest? While I am sure there are minimalist out there, what is the regular guy packing?

Here's mine


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That's nice.... It's not a cohesive dedicated thread...

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by mellowJohnny

No bag...a spare tub under the seat, mini pump, two levers, mini tool in pockets.

Spare tub: 296g
Blackburn pump: 58g
Levers: 21g
Crank Bros. Tool: 84g

Total: 459g

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by asv



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by NWSAlpine

I don't run a bag. I just carry some co2 and the air chuck in my jersey pocket. I ride tubeless.

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by Northoceanbeach

Carried in jersey or jacket.

Shimano pro pump. 70g
Tube. 70? How much are regular tube
2 plastic salsa tire levers. 20 g

1-2 powerboats or gummi bears things/blocks

Have never tried co2.

I'm about to switch over to tubular so it will be

Vittoria pits top and hope.

by Weenie

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