Cannondale System Six headset / bearings

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by LegalizeMyCannondale

Hi everyone - I have searched on previous topics, but couldn't find an answer for this:
I need to get new (headset) bearings for a Cannondale System six.

I believe the top bearing is 1 1/8 45x45, but what are the exact specs for the bottom bearing?

The FSA 1.5" bearing 90d shoulder MR069 seems to be what I need, but I just want to be 100% sure.
Will the bearings of a FSA Orbit C-40 headset fit fine?

Any help is appreciated - thank you!

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by shoemakerpom2010

This is the headset that you need. How do I know this because I have a sytemsix with this exact headset. Don't waste your time trying to find something that does not work. ... p_229.html

Shoemakerpom2010 :thumbup:

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by LegalizeMyCannondale

Thanks for your reply.
Yes indeed the original Cannondale headset would fit fine, but I don't need a complete headset, just the bearings.

The FSA 1.5" bearing seems to be a close match - bearing I.D. and O.D. are the same, I just wanted to confirm.

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by Getter

I called Cannondale and they said the lower bearing has a 52mm OD and is 45/45 angular contact bearing.

I'm going to order the Cf-40 and hoping that it'll work with the Easton SL Taper fork.

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by eliflap-scalpel

aanyone changed the upper bearing reducer ?

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by Mr_Carlos

Sorry to bring up an old post, but I'm currently trying to work out what top bearing I need.

I ordered a bearing described as being for the System Six from Qwerty Cycles, but when I removed mine I realised my original bearing had a taller stack height and had 45x45 870ACB stamped on it whereas in the description on Qwerty only 45 is mentioned and nothing is stamped on the bearing. I don't want to spend £70 on a complete headset when I only need one bearing :(

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by bikerjulio

There's really only 2 types of 1 1/8" headset bearings in common use, one of them being the Campy std 45 deg. Other manufacturers coyly refer to it as the "Italian" std. and you often see "it" or "is" in the part# for such a bearing.

for example

From the early days, Cannondale used Campy headsets, and still use the standard.
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by 5 8 5

Mr_Carlos, bikerjulio is correct. 45x45 870ACB is a Campag spec bearing.

The exact size is 41.8 O/D,1-1/8", 45x45deg and 8mm thick. Any decent bike should have one / be able to get one.

Alternatively try Wiggle and CRC.

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