Can I safely cut a carbon seatpost??? Need a answer quick

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by curve

I found an awesome deal on a carbon seatpost but its 400mm long and I only need it to be about 230 to 240mm. Can I safely cut it down to that length. Its already alot lighter than my current at 400mm but this is weight weenies. I need a quick answer.

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by mattiTWOROADS

I've done it ... no problem. I know some I've heard it's not adviseable (edge/enve? - can't remember)

Just remember to measure the minimum insertion amount and cut down from the seatpost collar mark leaving that much room. I saved about 15g off a 270mm post...

good luck, it seems intimidating, but it's not that bad once you get into it.
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by Ozrider

Check minimum length marking, make sure when you cut that you leave same minimum in frame.
Best to use a carbon specific blade, or get your LBS to cut it for you.
Seems like most WW's cut seatposts to reduce unnecessary weight.
I went from 197 to 160g on my Enve seatpost saving 37g
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by curve

Thanks guys as I should be able to cut 160 to 170 mm off and that should save me some serious weight.

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by ThasFACE

Be careful to not inhale the dust.

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by nitropowered

The seatpost needs to extend past the bottom of the toptube. Other than that, you'll be fine.

Either use a carbon fiber cutting blade or a new 32tpi blade. You can also wrap the post in masking tape to avoid splintering

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by curve

I going to get my LBS to do it. I just wanted to make sure it was safe

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by Ypsylon

Some cf seatposts have a clamping area. If you cut off the clamping area, you can't safely clamp it anymore. :roll: :smartass:
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by capnc

I cut my Ritchey Superlogic down without any problems. Definitely use masking tape and be careful of the dust. I used a hacksaw with a fine tooth blade - no splintering at all.

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by surfsjp

I had to cut my girlfriends post on her carbon synapse to get the seat height low enough. I used a light cut-off wheel on a dremel and followed a guide line of some tape that i used to keep it even. It cut through it like butter. I wouldn't hesitate to cut another seatpost. Do the math on the minimum amount and wear a mask - i wish i would have, the dust gets everywhere and can't be good for you.

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by hmai18

You could also use one of those saw guides intended for fork steerer cutting to get a clean line.

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