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by mrfish

I thought this was a pretty cool. Given Parlee are a relatively small shop (compared with Specialized etc), I think it's pretty neat that they managed to get Toyota to foot the bill for R&D. Genius! And we get a nice article with a bit more depth than Cycling Weakly or your favourite local rag.

But the concept isn't exactly pushing the boundaries. Anyone with more than 50 posts here could have conceptualised it, and indeed could have built it by specing a Parlee TT bike with road geometry and a Storck or Trek fork, so I'm guessing if there's demand it could be in shops after the Tour. I'd like to see a bike manufacturer trying something with a fixed front wheel centre or something really radical. Damn the UCI.

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by funhog1

PezTech wrote:I love the bitching about Aesthetics...

Put any color on it and it looks like crap.
Any Graphics and they're "over" / "Under" / Poorly done...
Make it matte ghosted and it should have had Paint and Graphics :lol: :lol: :lol:

The good news is this isnt the bike...

They're already past it. :wink:

:thumbup: You know the drill:

New bike is launched,

Said bike is cursed and spat upon and heckled.

Hecklers are in turn heckled.

and the world is now a better place and everybody can sleep well at night? :beerchug:
Buy it. & Ride it.
Only if it has a high margin of utility.

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by commfire

Looks like the aero bike is about to drop

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