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by CharlesM

And in a blink...

McLaren and Specialized look weak...

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by prendrefeu

and it doesn't look like a Bison!
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by justkeepedaling

Looks like an S3 with trick brakes, ISP, and longer chainstays... I had to do a doubletake

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by shinyboy

djconnel wrote:
shinyboy wrote:That is one ugly mofo

Naked carbon tends to look better in person than in photos.

The naked carbon finish doesn't bother me so much - although it wouldn't be my first choice.

It's the overall design of the frame and that seat clamp is awful

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by funhog1

Let. Me. Guess.


It's the new 10k bike?

all ya'll punters get dropped just as as fast on this one too:



cheekiness aside: I wants it. :oops:
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by shoemakerpom2010

The seat tube is too high to allow for shorter leg riders and the brakes will be a pain to adjust unless they are designed to be made in that position. I actually like the brakes there and its not a new design (actually about 12-15 years old design) but manufactures never adapted to in new frames. I like the clean look but the stays seem kind of long. :noidea:

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by stephen@fibre-lyte

kac wrote:Interesting development. Parlee had previously inveighed against aero tubing.

Does the Parlee TT not have aero tubing?

I really like this bike and that's despite is matt black finish!

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by justkeepedaling

The Parlee TT was pretty much throwing some nice NACA symmetrical airfoils and "boat racing experience" together. low speed NACA usually means 60-120 knots, not something we see on a bike, and boats are in a totally different medium. Not sure how relevant his design is in comparison to a Felt DA, Cervelo P3/4, Shiv, or Speed Concept. Along the same vein of thought, I wonder if this aero road bike is tunnel tested.

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by Ozrider

Nice, will be interesting to see if this makes it into production, and what will change.
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by bearsdidit

anyone know what kind of bars on the parlee?

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by CamW

I'm picking they are one of the ENVE bars by the looks of the end of the bars, not sure which shape but I think they only had one shape until very recently anyway.

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by Phill P

This is the third bike in as many weeks that I've seen with mini Vs integrated into the back of the fork, and under the chain stays. Wasn't so long ago I bought the idea up in WWs and most ppl who replied were of the opinion is wouldn't work or couldn't be done.

Really chasing grams and stiffness is only going to get us so far, aero is where bikes need to improve. I doubt there is that much improvement which can be made with tube shaping specially from the legs backwards, so you have to look at how you can smooth things out at the front. Placing the brakes at the back of the fork would also improve performance as the brakes would get pulled forward into the fork by the rims rather than flex out when placed at the front (some brand MTB suspension forks used this idea).

I'm guess this parlee isn't going to be a custom option. Chain stays do look long and skinny, and not crazy about the seat clamp. But looking at the steeper seat tube and that clamp they are aiming more at multi sport people who would want to use the bike for draft and non draft events and change their position.

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by milroy

Why can they make the fork intergrate into the frame? That, and the ISP/seat attachment thingo are dissapointing.

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by t3z

justkeepedaling wrote:Looks like an S3 with trick brakes, ISP, and longer chainstays... I had to do a doubletake


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by CasperG


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