CAAD10 Frame Sizing

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by ajmit3

I'm 5'9 with a 82cm inseam and im on a 54cm CAAD10 - got fitted to it.... Can't see how you would be on a 58 !!!!!

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by makoy

RussellS wrote:I am 5'11" on 58cm CAAD7 and CAAD9. With 12cm stems and setback saddles. So at 5'9", you need a 56cm frame. Probably with a 11cm stem.

i ride a 58cm caad9 with a 12cm stem and a 0-setback saddle...but i stand 6 feet 2 inches. with center of bb to top of saddle at 80cm. we're all different, but only to some extent :mrgreen:

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by Ziconater

I'm 5'8" and ride a CAAD10 in a size 52cm. At your height, i can't imagine how you should ride anything more than a 54cm. You really need to be fitted properly.
Good luck!

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by mjth2004

Thanks for the replies - food for thought! On reviewing it & after been given some further advice from a clubmate in the know & having reviewed bike geometry I think the Cannondale Synapse size 56cm is the fit for me! Allows me to run a 100mm stem with a 10mm spacer below

@ajmit3 - what height of spacers do you run under your stem?

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by ajmit3

Not sure ...2 or 3 cm perhaps . Although I will have to check ...

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by Dorpel

Sorry for bumping this thread. So I'm about 1.73m, that's 5'8. Should I take a 52 or a 54. I'm about to choose a 52.

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by Zitter

i'm 5'11" on a 54, the 52 is probably a better bet for you, if inbetween sizes, then size down


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by pinoymamba

5'9'' 31 inseam riding a 52cm. :D

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by ross

5ft 8 with 30 inch inseam and I'm on a 52cm CAAD with 100mm stem :)

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by daj

Well, people are different. Even with the same body proportions, two different people could still require two completely different setups. Other than length/inseam also flexibility, strength, weight, amount of hours spent on a bike, type of riding (racing/touring), personal preference, etc. play a role.

You could also see this the other way around. Two completely different people may require exactly the same setup. For example, Robbie McEwen has his bike set up nearly identical to mine. Nearly the same frame size, saddle height, stem length, etc. (as taken from here)
Yet McEwen is 171cm tall while I am quite a bit taller at 177cm.

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by bikerjulio

Don't approve of fitting on the interwebs, but 5' 9" on a 58cm Cannondale sounds crazy. I'm 6' 1" too and that's what I ride.

Other threads on this exact topic usually end up between a 54 and 56 for a rider OP's size.
There's sometimes a buggy.
How many drivers does a buggy have?


So let's just say I'm drivin' this buggy...
and if you fix your attitude you can ride along with me.

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by system787

I'm 6'0 and riding a 58cm System Six. I wish it were a 54 or 56 so I could get lower, and achieve more saddle to bar drop. I really can't imagine someone 5'9 or so riding a Cannondale in 58

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by fa63

Sounds like you might be a good candidate for a custom frame. For the price of a CAAD10-4, you should be able to build up something like this, minus the wheels:


That is my bike, built around a custom geometry Tsunami aluminum frame. It is pretty much a 56cm frame, but with a head tube length you would normally find in a 58-60 cm bike. The cost was something like this:

Frame/ISP topper/Chris King headset - $925
Whisky Parts No. 7 fork - $300
SRAM Rival/Force mix groupset - about $600 (after some careful shopping).

It won't be as light as a CAAD10, but it will fit you well (which is the most important thing). Plus the bike rides great (in my opinion, at least).

Good luck.

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by 252002

I’m 5’ 10” w/ 33.5” inseam (with riding shoes) and I ride a 56cm CAAD10. When I bought it they had both, a 54 and 56. After test riding both I felt better on the 56. Once they measured me and fit me to it they agreed.

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by dmp

I'm 5'8", long legs, average torso and ride a 50.5cm Pinarello Paris with a 110mm stem, and a fair amount of saddle setback. I rented a CAAD 10 a few weeks ago and based on the size of the top tube on my Pinarello (which fits perfectly) got a 50cm CAAD10- it was definitely too small. For 5'8" go for the 52.

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