Water Bottle Cages

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by kman

King Ti if you want decent weight and reliable.
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by coloclimber

+King Ti if you have a classic round tubed metal frame
+ on the Arundle Mandible if you have a carbon or shaped tube frame
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by jonm

+ on the Arundle Mandible if you have a carbon frame 8)

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by surfsjp

Arundel DaveO on the seat tube and Side loader on the down. Never lost a bottle.

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by jmilliron

Arundel Mandible.

They look awesome and are super secure. We have some super rough races here in northern California but I've never lost a bottle out of them.

I have two sets.
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by dw67

I was expecting to see multiple Arundel recommendations here. Never tried them, but hear nothing but good things.

I have Bontrager race x-lite cages and have never dropped a bottle after switching. Also, they are effortless to get bottles in and out.

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by TOflat

I'm surprised Topeak Shuttle cages haven't been mentioned. 16grams and $60.00 retail canadian. They work wonderfully but they have this yellow topeak logo on them that I hate and need to sand off.

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by murph100

Elite Custom Race Resin. Not weight weenies by any means, but cheap, indestructible and grips the bidon better than all the overpriced carbon megabucks crap cages I've had.


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by me

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by Musiker

Im using these:
http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/BOP ... ottle-cage

Never dropped a bottle no matter how hard Ive bumped over stuff.

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by Wizzo

Arundel :thumbup:

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by strobbekoen

gumgardner wrote:I really liked the New Ultimate ones. Very secure and LIGHT.

I kept losing bottles with mine.. plus they are fragile.

Most secure cages I have used personally are King Ti, Elite and my cyfacs.

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by HammerTime2

In viewtopic.php?f=3&t=46202&p=439302#p439302 , Hammertime2 wrote:Look 2007+ model year bottle cage - about 24g. Has a very low guard rail which allows front or even sharlpy angled almost side loading - great for small compact frames, even with large (California Springs DuoFLow 25 oz.) bottles on the seat tube (51 cm "S" Look 585 Ultra with 6 cm slope). I have about 10000 km use on the down tube cage and about 5000 km active use (filled bottle) on the seat tube. I haven't ejected a bottle yet, despite a fair bit of riding on rough roads, including descents, although that does not include any racing down 10% cobbled descents. The bottle removal force required is so much smaller than other alloy or carbon cages I've used that it took me a couple of rides to get used to that and not slam my hand into the bottom of the top tube when removing the bottle from the downtube cage - i.e., I was initially using too much force when removing the bottle, i.e., launching my hand into the top tube, when instead a gentle pull was sufficient - not hard to control, just different than what I'd been used to the last 30 years.

And yes, I'd use the Look cages on any brand bike. I use Time pedals on a Look frame - call the brands don't match police on me. :twinkle:

I still haven't dropped a bottle or broken or worn out a cage. As far as I know, these cages haven't changed since 2007, other than choice of colors.


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by sugarkane

Not a good 'look' unless you ride a look..

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by Geoff

A lot of the Pro Tour bikes in my collection had the Elite Custom Race Macia cages on them. I would recommend those if you are looking for a light(ish) cage that holds the bottle very securely.

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