Enves new 6.7 wheels

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by HillRPete

Thenewguy11 wrote:Look at the drop on that set up. Wish i had that flexibility.

Any envy is premature before you have seen the owner riding in the drops. There are quite a number of uncut ISP pics floating around.

by Weenie

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by sutrisno42

thanks for the tips!! i think im going for the 6.7, should be here by end of the year. does anyone know if the CK hub will be compatible with the new DA 9000 11 speed?

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by upside

Chris King won't have the 11 speed cassette body till after the 1st of the year. They wouldn't give me an exact date. Hope that helps

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by drmutley

Is about $500 for front & rear Chris King R45 hubs about what u would expect to pay? Was thinking of buying a set and building up some ENVE rims

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by Zen Cyclery

A good alternative to the R45 11spd would be the White Industries T11. Its a bit more reasonably priced and works with 11 spd.

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by sutrisno42

I got a pretty good discount on my lbs so i'll be paying a lot less for the wheelset. Darn 2013 huh? I assume it'll be out in the first month of Jan so I can get them before racing season starts. My lbs said that they can redish my 10 speed zipp hub to 11 speed without sending it back to zipp so i was wondering if the same could be done with CK hub?

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by WMW

So long as the manufacturer makes the S11 freehub available for your hub , you need a freehub, axle spacers, and a redish to go from 10 to 11 spd. That's the minimum.

Note that S11 and C11 appear to have identical spacing, so you could always just get a C11 and use Campy cassettes... if that isn't too weird for you. Since you are spending so much on the group and wheels, it might be.
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