Enves new 6.7 wheels

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by ergott

Mdrnizd wrote:What hubs do you guys recommend. I am a 200lb. rider right now but trying to drop 15-20 over the next 3-4 months. I am love Dura Ace hubs but apparently can't get them in the correct spoke count for these wheels. Thanks for the help.

Sorry for being a broken record here, but the Alchemy hub will give you the stiffest rear wheel. The flange placement, bearing selection, bearing placement and axle design all add up.

If you have issues with rear wheel stiffness I would go one further and use Sapim Race or DT Competition spokes as well. You have no higher spoke count option. The losses in aerodynamics due to the spokes will be very small.


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by kavitator

record wrote:new Enve 8.9 wheels


HOLLY! I want them it her :shock: :shock:

by Weenie

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by record

not my bike guys, it was posted on enve's facebook wall, thought I'd share :thumbup:

I guess they are a bit OTT in road bikes though...
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by Thenewguy11

Look at the drop on that set up. Wish i had that flexibility.

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by Adrien

ergott wrote:Thanks again Adrien. Do you have any plans for more wind tunnel testing? Lots of great new designs that need to go head to head. I'll loan you my 6.7s if you need.

At this time, wind tunnel testing is not expected in the close future.
Two reasons for this.
First it costs a lot.
Second, there is no clear testing method that proved as being reliable and realistic. As you can read here and there, Zipp, Enve, Reynolds or Hed all claim to have the fastest wheels of the planet... Wind tunnel testing is fine, but depending on the method used for measurement analysis, you can conclude to very different results.

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by Epic-o

Adrien wrote:Wind tunnel testing is fine, but depending on the method used for measurement analysis, you can conclude to very different results.

I think that the main problem is that different wind tunnels give different results, "honest" analysis of the results is pretty straightforward and shouldn't affect them

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by VNTech

Wind tunnel variances come in to play, for sure. But the other issue is simple protocol. Do you test in a bike? Alone? What tire? These things can have an enormous impact.
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It's true that the variables are really what get you in trouble. If you don't use a Tangente 21 on Zipp wheels, the Zipp followers call foul. The same 21c tire on a Hed voids the warranty. If you use clinchers then Hed may cry foul because their Stinger line is more refined in shape. If you mix the two, then everyone has something to complain about.

Now that companies have such different depths it's also hard to compare, do you compare Enve 6.7 against 58mm Zipps or 82mm? Do you test all the wheels? Do you ensure the same exact tire is used across the board or same brand, do they have the same tread and profile? Then as VN points out, do you use a bike; time trial or road? If time trial, one with a big ass cutout and tight stays or one with more space in the stays or less rear wheel coverage; one with tight fork blades or wider ones? If road, do you use an aero bike or a non-aero; if non-aero will the rear wheel have much effect on results? If aero, which one and do design features lend to a particular wheel?

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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

kavitator wrote:
record wrote:new Enve 8.9 wheels

HOLLY! I want them it her :shock: :shock:

Needs man chainrings and stem.

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by sutrisno42

I currently own zipp 101 for training and racing (mostly crit and some rolling road race) and about to drop some coin on the enve 6.7 and i want to hear some real world experience from enve users out there. How do these wheels ride in the winds? I weigh 130+lbs and usually ride in 5-15mph winds sometimes 20 or so and I was wondering if I'd get blown around by the wheels as i never have any experience with deep wheels. And also how do they perform? and are there any issues with braking on a long descend (im going for clincher).

Please, use search. Many topics on these wheels

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by Zen Cyclery

Compared to my older Edge 65 clinchers, they are in a different league. The 65s are somewhat squirrely in the crosswinds, but I find the 6.7s to be much more stable. The extra width helps to reduce twitchiness in the cross winds, and for their depth, I would think they are hard to beat.
The braking is the most consistent and grabby that I have seen on a carbon clincher. I will admit that the brake tracks need to be cleaned slightly more often than alloy rims, however, assuming your willing to do this, then you will have no issues. Biggest descent I've done so far is 3000 ft over 16 miles, and the braking was still grabby and responsive even at the bottom.

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by sutrisno42

Good to know about the crosswind stability. how do they accelerate and perform in sprint?

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by Zen Cyclery

Well, they definitely aren't nearly as responsive when sprinting as my 25s, but that really isn't a fair comparison. I find that I like the overall ride quality of the 6.7 more than any of the other wheelsets that I'm on simply because they make me feel like a freight train. There definitely is something to be said about that wider profile. It really gives you that riding on rails feeling.
Yeah they aren't the lightest rims out there, but considering their depth I think they're pretty impressive.

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by ghostrider1tm

i have a set of 6.7's i raced all last season. i did over forty races on these wheels. mine have the king hubs. i've found them to be very stable in crosswinds as mentioned above. i've been impressed by how well they handle cross and side winds. i've felt much more stable in winds with these wheels than others i've owned. in my opinion they cut wind better than reynolds 66's, zipp 404's, or the 1.68 enve's...i mention these wheelsets because i've owned them all. they are also very stiff. you can accelerate hard with no flex...frankly if you're 130 i don't think sprinting is you forte but if you make the watts these things will deliver all the power to the ground without flex. the most compelling thing i can say for them is durability. while racing at tour of dairyland i hit a man hole cover which was sticking a full inch out of the ground. it was solid steel and i was on a descending portion of the course going well over 35mph. it hit it squarely with my front wheel. thankfully no flat. i was sure at the time i most have broken the rim because it made a loud thud when i hit it. i inspected wheel after the race. it was true, no damage, and in perfect condition. unbelievable! i have broken two sets of zipp rims without even knowing when or where it happened. they are fragile and worse they don't stand behind their product. each time they wouldn't warranty the wheel.
i went with the 6.7 over 3.4 because aero beats lightweight every time. i've been very happy with the purchase. no regrets!

by Weenie

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by sugarkane

I've had a set ( with alchemy hubs ) now for a few months and I race and train on em.
I also have extralite SP hubs to 1.45s as my light wheels..
I find the 45s to be a little stiffer ( SP hubs have real wide brace angles ) and defantly spin up faster. They are the first choice with hills or a surgey crit race. The 6.7s have amazing braking and seem to be tough as all hell, I've flatted racing and on a motorway, both times having to ride a little on a flatted wheel.. A few scratches is all I got..
And they sing like you wouldn't beleave at over 40kph. The cross wind handling takes a little getting used to. You feel the wind hit you and the bars don't kick. If its really strong wind the bike will push alittle but on a really windy day the 6.7s get the nod over the 45s..
45+wind=holding on for dear life.
6.7s+wind=making the most out of a windy day

Awesome wheels well worth buying ;)

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