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by ellie

I see this thread is old, but was reading it today as I was looking into using other brands of tires with Tufo tape.
I thought I would put my experience thus far with Tufo tape for the record.

I just switched to tubulars this year for the first time. I was worried about the whole tire changing process but took the plunge anyway. I had a tufo s3 lite tires mounted with the new tufo tape by the shop.

I got a flat 2 weeks ago that wouldn't patch up with sealant and had replace the tire.

Removal of old tire: It took quite a bit of elbow grease for me to start getting the tire off the rim. 5 mins and 2 sore thumbs later I got it started enough to get a good hold on the tire. From there I slowly pulled the tire off took a bit of force but not impossible. The main part of the tape stuck to the tire and there was a thin adhesive layer still on the rim. This layer came off cleanly, just had to slowly pull it off the rim. Rim was pristine, not a single patch of left over adhesive I had to clean off.

Installing new tire: Followed the video instructions on the Tufo website. Tape was easy to center on the rim, just needed to take my time. Pulling the new tire on the rim took some muscling (truth be told I have trouble getting new clincher tires on too). When the tire was around the rim, I centered it and slowly pulled the tape backing off. Inflated the tire to 115 psi and rolled around on it slowly around the block. I check the adhesion and it seemed just as good as the shop's original tape job.

300 miles on the tire so far and it seems ok! (knock on wood). I ride recreationally and am no dare devil when it comes to descending. Anyhow, so far I am very happy with the Tufo Tape/Tire combo :)


by Weenie

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by borja

Well if you have 4 days to glue the tubs then glue is the way to go.
If you don't then Tufo tape is your best friend.
I have been using the tape for couple of years on many different wheels without any problem.
For removing the tub from the rim I found the best tool is standard plastic tire lever (for removing clincher tires). Just stick it below the tire, work it thru to the other side and then slowly push the lever forward below the tire untill the tire gets unglued for about 15cm.. then it goes off by hand.

I have heard that some people left about 1-2 cm of unglued tire on the opposite side of the valve. That's the entry point for the plastic lever. I never tried it but it makes sense.

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by syncmaster

I made the switch to Tubulars 6 months ago and have loved the simplicity of the Tufo Tape. I'm using the tape with Conti tires and haven't had any issues riding in either training or racing. The wheel/tire combo I'm using feels so much more solid than my old wheels. Especially in the corners.

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by stephenkchang

Isn't conti GP 4000 clinchers?

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by mellowJohnny

May have been answered already, but what about flat replacement mid-ride? Is there enough adhesive left on the rim to hold the spare for the ride home? Ellie mentioned the tape staying stuck on the tire, with some adhesive remaining on the rim.

Has anyone tried replacing a tire mid-ride? I'd be a bit worried about the new tire staying put...

Full disclosure: I'm a dyed-in-the-wool mastik man...likely always will be.

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by fa63

You could carry a fresh roll of Tufo tape and a spare. Takes just a couple minutes to put on a new tire with tape.

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by syncmaster

I was going to say you could just bring another roll of Tufo tape to apply on the road. You could keep riding normally after that.

But if not, a properly inflated spare tubular tire without any glue on the rim should still hold well enough to get you home, no? As long as you don't ride hard or corner sharply, it should have enough pressure to stay on the rim?

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by ergott

The best way to remove a tire that has been taped on is to bring a tire lever with you. I prefer one with a steel core to it. Once you work it under one section, you are a long way towards being done. No stress on the thumbs either.

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by cybernck

I've recently bought a tubular wheel with tyre stuck on using tape (sorry, no idea which one) and it seems well and truly stuck on.

A bit of a pointless reply, but just saying :).

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