Irritating clicking noise on Rotor 3d cranks

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by JesseD

Rick wrote:
but AM using the wave washer, did you take yours out and it stopped?

Yes, it has stopped and stayed gone. But I substituted enough flat washers to take up any left over space on the spindle, as described in the linked thread. IMO a wave washer is just a silly idea. But what do I know ? (I am a merchanical engineer, so maybe that gives me some credibility)

Brilliant, thanks I'll give it a go.

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by konky

Clicking can occur on any set up. My record 10 crank on my previous bike clicked sometimes. I'm now running 3D+ with no noise/clicking so far. I love them and they also feel so stiff. Stiffer than my old record 10 I'd say and they were plenty stiff.

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by JesseD

Well I had enough so took the bike to my LBS today as on my ride it just got worse and worse, they put it on the stand and had a look and they think that the sleeve to convert the BB30 bottom bracket has not been bonded in properly/straight and that on the non drive side it is not flush and is sticking out on one side by 0.5mm, this has put a tint bit of play in the BB which becomes apparent when I am out of the saddle peddaling as it is twisting the force on the bearings.

Remedy is to strip and rebond the sleeve in and face the bb, then reinstall the cups and chainset.

I might just buy a BB30 chainset instead, anyone want to but a Campag Record Carbon UT Chainset and BB cups? :wink:

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by teo71

Hi there

Dunno if this will help but I had a similar problem a while back on a different set-up (dura-ace crank) and after replacing BB, greasing everything etc. etc more times than I care to remember(!) I found out the noise was coming from bits of dirt getting in next to the washer on my pedals and getting amplified through the frame. Also the noise would come and go as the dirt moved/got washed away/etc.


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by jockster

Sorry for picking up on an old topic, but this should still be relevant to Rotor 3D owners.
I have installed Rotor 3D cranksets together with Shimano bottom brackets on several bikes just to have clicking noises occur on every pedal stroke after covering a few hundred kilometers.

This is due to the fact of the diameter of the Rotor crankset axles being slightly larger than your usual Shimano crankset, which are explained in this thread - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=84516

The extra width of the crank axle creates additional stress on the bearing races in the bottom bracket, causing premature wear as the noise increases and eventually creating this clicking noise.

The solution is either to get one of Rotors own bottom brackets, or to use a fine sandpaper and very slightly sand down the axle of your crankset, but only so much that it slides into your Shimano bottom bracket with hand force.
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by Frankie - B

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