Cannondale Super Six EVO: Released w/ pics

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by Greenduck

I'll take one in team color... Now, how can I justify replacing my 2 week old SuperSix Team Replica. I need excuses :)
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by Weenie

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by justkeepedaling

Pretty neat looking frame. Not sure about the super thin seattube -> bottom bracket junction or the chainstays

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by eric01

Re: naming convention.

If I recall, the "SIX" was derived from Cannondale's first foray into carbon fiber -- the SystemSix with its CF main tubes and aluminum hybrid. "Six" is the atomic number for carbon on the periodic table... so the put six in the name. I remember the marketing campaign they launched back then featuring the periodic table.

I guess SIX as a brand stuck since then.
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by prendrefeu

Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

Phill P
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by Phill P

Want some ride reviews, somebody with some power to see what those chain stays ride like.

Why request would be a lil more top tube slope, but then the Cannondale slight top tube slope style has been around for a while, but then so have their large chain stays.
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by airwise

I was meant to take delivery of a 2011 SuperSix this week - they finally hit these shores at the end of April.

I'm glad I cancelled - having been kept waiting since December. Would feel pretty miffed if they finally delivered my bike then announced it was discontinued.

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by mythical

Just having read, I find admire Peter Denk's work impressive and admirable! If it fits the rider, who wouldn't want to have one of these as their main ride?!
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by btompkins0112

Greenduck wrote:I'll take one in team color... Now, how can I justify replacing my 2 week old SuperSix Team Replica. I need excuses :)

They have discovered that oversized chain stays cause restless leg syndrome.........and abdominal distension........nobody wants that. You need to replace you frame for your health, man!

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by fastrow23

The black Di2 version looks great.

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by ronderman

The matte color looks decent, all others are just silly. Sorry they are. I just don't get why Dale and Specialized have to make ugly bikes, with stickers and bad paint. Just give us a Red or Black bike, it's simple.

As for the weight, I feel like we're getting to diminishing utility, it's like when phones got smaller and smaller - then they kind of were bad. Then RIM and Apple came out with phones that actually did something other than talk and everyone purchased data plans and everyone used their phone for stuff other than talking.

Rant over. :noidea:

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by maquisard

No matter what Cannondale say, the round/oval downtube and less bulky BB area will not be as stiff as the massive squoval tubes and BB found on the likes of the new Cervélo R5 and Canyons SLX. The same applies to the head-tube lower race which has been decreased in diameter, in reality to save weight rather than any aero concerns.

It is a good looking bike though, nice to see a horizontal top tube for once instead of a compact.

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by Maximilian

As the start of the Giro is immenent I quess that we will see how the EVO performs. I think that it'll probably be most at home in the mountains because it just looks to dainty and fragile to be muscled around by elephantine sprinters but more danced upon by climbers. Or is it just me?

Anyway, it's not about the bike.......right???


by Weenie

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by uraqt

You have to give them some props for thinking old school and out of the box (the downtube sort of looks like an Eddie Merckx MXL). Peter Denk's bikes have usually been well received.

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