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by Wizzo

Is it mandatory to acquire all the tools that Jeremy Parfitt uses in his freehub switch video, to properly maintain the ORC? If so where can you purchase the setting tool and the other 2 piece to push the freehub it and out. Also what other tools are required as well. Thanks!


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by Stolichnaya

I would talk to Madcow (Jason) at Fairwheel. He advised that an Alchemy tool set could be made available, with a security deposit, to those with Alchemy hubs who want to do overhauls at home. Use the tools and mail back. I would assume that the tool set can be bought as well.

The Parfitts are also very quick to respond to emails and have great customer service. You might try going direct to them.

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by ergott

The goal of the design is for there to be no maintenance until the bearings are shot. The drive mechanism is protected by the bearings. You only need 2, 5mm wrenches to adjust them. If you need to replace the bearings, then you need the tools. I have my set on the way so I can service mine and my customers should the need arise.


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