Speedplay aftermarket aluminum bowtie fail

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by Rick

Just an interesting historical note: Speedplays were originally aluminum. I had some. But they switched to steel pretty quickly after because the aluminum wears so fast.
I think there is a limit to how light you can reasonably make something before you really do just value a little more reliability.
Of course I switched from Speedplay Zeroes to Dura Ace 7900 this year, so I am obviously not obsessed with weight.

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by dereksmalls

tantra wrote: I wish Speedplay or someone else would make a set of titanium bowties that fit properly. Until then, I'll stay with steel.

Based on Sugarkane's response a couple of posts up, go for the offerings from Dulight. From the picture they even have the lip on the bowtie that Toronto/Jersey bowties lack.

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