Crank options for BB90?

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by JBV

I have a friend with a Trek road bike, which uses BB90. The bike came with an Ultegra triple, but she really does not need the triple and would prefer a compact. What kind of crank do I have to buy that will work with the BB90 bearings already installed? Is there an Ultegra BB90 version?

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by kulivontot

My understanding of BB90 is that they've effectively taken external bearings from outside of a standard threaded bottom bracket and made them internal. So any crank that would work with a standard threaded bottom bracket shell should also work with BB90. Where you get into trouble is that any crank with an oversized spindle (BB30 and some boutique brands) will not fit.
So to answer your question, yes, a standard ultegra compact double should fit just fine. As should cranksets from SRAM and campy.

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by rbrtwyn

The bearings your friend currently has will only work with Shimano 10 (all Shimano 10) cranks or other 24mm spindle cranks (Rotor, etc.). While BB90 works with Campy and SRAM as well, you'd need the proper BB90 bearings for those cranks (BB90/SRAM, BB90/Campy). So if your friend wants to use the same bearings that are already installed, she would have to stick with Shimano 10 or Rotor, etc.

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by daj

Any Shimano crank will fit.

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