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by yongkun

I am looking for a new pair of training wheels, looking at either the excellight or the hed Belgium c2, which I use currently as training wheels.

I like the belgium c2 alot, especially how the tire seats. It seems to be able to take lower pressure compared to my previous wheels. but the excellight seems a prettier rim to build up to a classic looking wheel set. Haven't tried them before but the width seems much lesser the Belgium rims.

Any recommendations for the excellight? Thanks

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by c50jim

I used those rims for years and still have a couple of sets. I like them and they work well for me. However, I've switched to Velocity Aerohead. Similar weight (although not double eyelet which some wheel builders love) and stand up to any abuse I or my 220 pound son deliver to them. Both are good, in my opinion. Velocity A23 (their wider rim) seem OK too based on about 1,000 km so far. I have no experience with the Heds.

by Weenie

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by Illuminate

Had a set of aeroheads - hopelessly noodly if your're a heavy weight like myself. Fatigue cracks all around the nipple holes too.

Better off with Ambrosio or DT RR1.1 if light, or RR1.2 if you're heavier.


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by yeagermeister

I've recently built both up on ck R45 hubs, the excellights built into great classic wheels, but the HEDs are amazing! The wider rim is perfect for 25c tire at lower pressure. I think it's one of the best wheels for all purpose training whether it be smooth or rough roads. The HEDs also came in at under 1500 grams, not bad.

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by StradaJon

For a 23mm wide rim (like the HED) that looks like a classic try the H Plus Son TB-14. There a pair on our blog at the moment at the top built on a pair of old Campagnolo Record hubs which look great.
Strada Hand Built Wheels

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by drchull

I am 200 lbs and have been riding the HEDs all year. With 25c Krylion carbons they just ate the cobbles at the RVV and Paris Roubaix. No flats, no wobbles no problems at all with the rims. Can't give opinion on the Ambrosio's but know they are much loved. For a bigger guy though I would not hesitate to recommend the HEDs.

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by Stolichnaya

I have had several sets of Excellight wheels and still have and ride regularly one set (must be close to 10 years old now). I have never had an issue with the rims failing and am a larger rider. Always built them with 32 spokes front and back around Campy hubs and they are wonderful rims for every day road or cross. Can't honesty say how much the current set weighs, but the rims have taken a lot of abuse over the years and never falthered. I would highly recommend them. I cannot comment on the wider HED rims - have not tried them yet. The Excellights certainly would be my choice over the Open Pro, DT offerings and Aeroheads, based on experience, if that helps.

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by bm0p700f

The RR1.1 and 1.2 are now called RR415 and RR465 if I am right. If these are the same rim they are great rims and build into lovely light wheels.

I have not tried the excell light yet but they have a following. Double eyelets also make building alot easier.

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by Werdna

The TB14/Campy wheels on your blog are too beautiful to ride.

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by SWijland

+1 For H Plus Son. I am on a pair of Archetypes at the moment and the have been great so far. +1 For the Excellight as well, but I only used them for a short period of time.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Had my old PT wheelset on Excellight rims and have a 32 spoke wheelset of Excellight rims, Chorus stainless hubs and Veloflex Master tyres. Love(d) both, with the latter probably my favourite wheelset in some ways.

Rim will last forever, easy to mount tyres, double eyeletted and looks a treat.

Ambrosio get my vote.

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by AngryScientist

i'm not around here much, but i'm bumping this thread for some answers. anyone know a reliable source for ambrosio stuff in the US??

Specifically i'l like to find a wheelbuilder who can build me a set of campy wheels with ambrosio rims, anyone??


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by system787

Fairwheelbikes carries some ambrosio rims, and they also do custom wheel builds, so you can try there

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by AngryScientist

system787 wrote:Fairwheelbikes carries some ambrosio rims, and they also do custom wheel builds, so you can try there

thanks, they are out of stock on everything ambrosio though, unfortunately. appreciate the reply though.

by Weenie

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