anyone using ultralight road hubs?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Superlite

khaostik wrote:I am!
I've bought a 16:8 hub and I've built a rear wheelset with the rim notube alpha340, cn spokes in DS and dt swiss competition on NDS. It came @ 720 gr.

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Filipe Dias

Could you post some pictures of this build? It may be the same as what I plan to do with mine.

How stiff (laterally) is the wheel, and how much do you weigh?


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by Westifer12

Does anybody have experience with these on a mountain bike? I noticed they have some on their website
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by YoKaiser

martyh wrote:Yep.
I got a set of the dati ones in campag fitting.
They have been solid so far, no problems at all and came in around 269 grams. Final wheel build was 1033 with some planet-x carbon 20mm tubs.
I will be buying some more.


Marty do you have any pics?

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by woz9683

I just ordered a set of the 277g superlights. Does anybody have specs on these? I didn't see them on the site, and I'd like to get spokes on the way. Thanks!

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by excremanwu

i am using 2 wheelsets with them
its front hub come with two enduro 699 bearings, the total static load is 450
while mag70 is 438, i love its front
i measure it, roughly, flange diameter: 30mm, center to flange:35mm
the static load of its rear hub is 1091 (6802 x3 + 6902 x 1)
NDS flange dia.: 39mm, DS flange dia.: 51mm, c to flange: 39/17
not outstanding, but i have no complain on it

i used tune 70/180 for 2 years before using them
sound, tune win (just my feeling)
weight, tune win (18g less for front and rear)
stiffness, I can't tell the difference (i am 120 lb)
maintenance, these hubs can be easily disassembled, I love this
it cab work with aero spoke without amendment
it allow racial lacing in nds
and its price...for me, i prefer it to tune 70/180

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by zed

showdown wrote:When I wrote that these hubs were loud I wasn't kidding..

Wow, unless you're referring to the 16/8 rear hub, I find these Bitex(-style) 6-pawl hubs to be very quiet, actually. BikeHubStore and the 289g and 277g set (rear hubs identical) is my go-to set of hubs for semi-custom builds I offer. All the customers I have sold to have comment on how quiet these are compare to say, DT 240s, Kings, or even Alchemy. I've ridden all three and I agree. These are quiet. They sound like a sewing machine, just purring quietly in the background..

What I can tell you is that carbon fiber deep dish will typically amplify the freehub's volume.. so perhaps that is what you are experiencing.

Other than slow-to-Canada shipping, these hubs are great, and I'll continue to order them for the wheelsets I build. - wheels made just for you

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by zed

buttrumpus wrote:for users of these hubs, what are ya'll weighing in at?
I'm thinking of building a light wheel set for everyday use. Probably with Stan's Alpha 340's, maybe 20-24 hole. I'm weighing in at 175lbs/79kgs, but that should drop soon. These hubs sound enticing....

For your weight, I'd go 24f/28r with X1 front, X2/X3 rear. The wheelset will weigh in around 1260 grams, and should be very reliable, provided the builder tensions the 340s to spec ~ 110 kgf. I'm just finishing off two wheelsets using NoTubes 340 Alphas with Alchemy hubs. The weight with the BikeHubStore Superlights (289g) will be similar, but with about $300 less out of your wallet. You *could* go 20 hole front, but the weight savings wouldn't be much. FYI, the Alchemy ELF/NoTubes 340 24h front wheel is one of the lightest I've built, at 542 grams. - wheels made just for you

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by wallymann

i got a set, they look nice.

looking for re-assembly instructions.

i pulled the freehub apart to grease proper, but the grease i normally use is too stiff for the superlight pawl springs...i need something lighter and i'd appreciate any suggestions.

also could use tips to re-assemble. specifically the rubber double-lip seal between the hub shell and the freehub body. i cant get the tighter inner seal to clear the lip on the fh body.


edit/solution: the freehub seal must be removed from the hub shell and fit to the freehub body. once those 2 are together correctly, the assembly is slid into the hub shell along with the axle
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by excremanwu

New model? 2:1 lacing
Will it be good? ... ack211.htm

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by sbh1973

excremanwu wrote:New model? 2:1 lacing
Will it be good? ... ack211.htm

FYI, this has been discussed at ... p?t=243907

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by martyh

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by movemint

I bought a set of hubs to build my cross wheels.

Lacing them to Stans Alpha 340s, with Revolution spokes. Looking to be pretty light.

The hubs themselves look great! The freehub body is made well and has very quick engagement.

as soon as the wheels are build, I'll post some pictures

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by aquaport

Was thinking of giving these a shot myself.

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