Bike racing experiences using WW brake calipers

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by Ypsylon

whoizrob wrote:I am a porky 185, like racing crits mostly and run KCNC CB1s (mostly because I couldn't afford any of the big name calipers).

In non critical stopping areas they work just fine (training rides on familiar roads, bleeding off small amounts of speed in crits, etc). In critical area like panic stops, sudden decreasing radius turns on unfamiliar roads, or crash avoidance I have found myself with sore hands and a few close calls. As soon as I can afford a new set I am going EE's. Your experience may differ if you are lighter or don't push it much but in my opinion, while these CAN lock up a wheel, it takes A LOT of lever pressure and is not confidence inspiring at all.

Do we know each other? Those are my thoughts exactly, only that I was right at 60kg when I used the CB1s and for speed "adjustment" in a pack they were excellent, but hard braking was ok at my weight, but not as precise as with the SRAM force calipers they replaced. Those had awesome stoping power, but I constantly found myself with little gaps in front of me after braking, which is annoying, to say the least.

I've sinced moved to the EEs and love them.
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by jwilliams

ee brakes = shimano power w/ OG Ti weight

mine are 180g with pads ready to use, plus work on any size rim like the new zipp 404

call jason or richard at FWB they got them in evey color !
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by micky

Racing on Kcnc CB1 since 2009. 8)

Sounds like a commercial! :lol:

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by theremery

Same as Micky. CB1's are rubbish in heavy rain on big descents though. I'm 75kg and descend OK and these require quite a bit of work. Our descents here are steep (15% is not uncommon) but 8km of it would be the longest (so it only takes a few mins).....and yet despite the short duration, I end up cursing them sometimes. EE's for me at some stage, I think.
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by mjduct

jooo wrote:Can't you just pop the barrel out of the arm to act as a quick release?

Or ride CAMPY!!!!!


quick release integrated into the lever

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by oreoboreo

mjduct wrote:
jooo wrote:Can't you just pop the barrel out of the arm to act as a quick release?

Or ride CAMPY!!!!!


quick release integrated into the lever

Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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