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by digitalnorbs

Last night, I decided that the rear veloflex needs to be changed, went to my basement and found a few Vredestein tripple Comps, brought them up, for the life of me, could not get them on. I had 3 too choose from, I tried all the tricks I can think of, this has never happened to me before. I know, it sounds silly. So my question is, what is a good all around training clincher that is know to go on easy. The veloflex went on like butter, but I really dont feel like dropping $50 a pop right now, please help!!!!!!!!!!

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by mofo

Perhaps talc powder, on the rim (inside), tube, and tire. Also try using two levers as one, in other words as close together as possible. Maybe try heating the tires up............Also Ive found inflating the tube a little over what your used to working with (talc included) at the six oclock positon start to bleed a little inflation out

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

Talc powder is a good call. Also, try to really think about using the heel of your palm instead of your fingers. You can get way more power this way vs. wailing on your fingers.

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by digitalnorbs

thank you, I will give this a try, with two kids and wife not working, no more toys for a while, haha

But in case this doesn't work, can any one suggest a tire that has a past of going on the rim easier then others, thanks

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by eric

Make sure the tire's warm, and the bead is in the center of the rim where the diameter is least.

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by mofo

What kine of rim is it? Also what size tire?

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by Herbert

I see quite a few folks attempt to get a tire on the rim when the last bit is at 12 o'clock (and facing the body) and then roll it over with the palms going over the top, while I think it should be down at 6 o'clock (and away) and then you can use a bit of your own weight.

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by rajMAN

By far the best clincher I have used is the Vittoria Corsa Open Pave 24mm and goes on Open pro rims easily without any drama. Putting them on warm also helps. I know they are not cheap but have been running a pair since the beginning of the year on some shocking road surfaces with gravel, flints, hedge cuttings etc and so far have been extremely impressed.

I used to be a big fan of Michelin tyres but found the Pro 3s to be of no improvement over their previous incarnation! Years ago I swore by the Bi-synergic 23mm for training and racing. Each to their own I guess, but for me the future is Vittoria. :D

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by billspreston

Throw the tire in the clothes dryer for a bit to heat it up? This worked like a charm for me after battling a couple stubborn vredesteins without any luck.

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by Estelja

I have always found that the Japanese made tires go on easy without levers. The main manufacturer is National Tire Co. which makes Panaracer and many of the Forte Performance tires. Cheap prices also.

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by foofighter

In addition to the talc and warming, you should try rolling over the tire at the stem. If it's impossible to do by hand, you can try getting it 95% of the way, leaving it then coming back to it later and trying again. Sometimes it stretches just enough or you have better luck the 2nd time around.
Lastly, if it's a constant issue, invest in a Kool stop tire jack or VAR tire levers.

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by TashkentTerror

When a tire is at one end of the etrto scale and the rim is on the other you can end up with a stubborn combo.
Tried to mount a conti gp 4000 on a campy neutron wheel :evil:

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by ms6073

billspreston wrote:Throw the tire in the clothes dryer for a bit to heat it up?

Although we both ride and enjoy the benefits of Challenge Open Tubulars tires, seeing how they smell right out of the package, heating them in the dryer is certainly not going to sit well with the wife. :lol:
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by rruff

Challenge tires are the easiest I've seen... but not cheap either.

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by rico

Vittoria CXs and Michelin Pros go on fairly easily IME. Contis are tougher. Don't get me started on Specialized tyres. I still have the blisters.

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