lowest profile helmet?

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by CharlesM

Limar is lower prof than Lazer or the Giro Prolight. None are "high" profile, but the Limar is lower than those two and vents less well than the Genesis Helium or prolight.

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by cyclemanpat

just got my ProLight today! Fits awesome and weighs 177 grams!! Going on a ride in a few hours for the real test, but I believe this helmet will rock.
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by kgt

+ 1 on Limar

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by bangkok

As an experiment I got a new £30/$45 Ekoi Squadra helmet (2010 model) from eBay; and one size small as well to get a minimal shell size: 54-58cm versus my 60cm actual.

The Ekoi is heavy (293g vs 275 advertised), but has seriously less bulk than the 250g Limar Pro 104. The Squadra fits me just right, and carries much less external bulk, being 3cm shorter for example than the Limar.

The new helmet looks better! It was money well spent and allows me to retire the Limar ... of which mine is poorly made and has been faulty from day one.

I'm still looking for something better and at <200g!!
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by BobSantini

Limar Ultralight is 180 g for a medium.
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by bangkok

Liked the Ekoi Squadra as the best low-pro option a year later ... and so got another (RLM team colours).


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by djconnel

For me the S-Works Prevail CE-Certified is light and fits perfectly but the Prolight does not fit. It comes down to head shape. My recommendation is focus on fit first, weight second, profile third. For aerodynamics many factors play, not just height.

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by ProfessorChaos

I prefer a low profile helmet myself. I really like the Specialized S3. I like it better than the Prevail I had before it. It fits my head perfect, and has excellent venting. It's pretty lightweight too. It's basically the same as the old S-Works helmet, but with a better retention system, and a cheaper price. I am not a Specialized fan boy or anything either. Their helmets are the only Specialized products I own. They are the best helmets I've ever worn.

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