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by gilesharrison

Long term reports: basically, it's all going well. I've had this frame for about 2 years now and used it as a race bike. It's probably done about 6000km or so.

I've had no problems whatsoever with the frame. I was slightly concerned by the full outer cables run internally, thinking that they'd be noisy, but I've had no problems with this. It's basically an excellent, all-round race bike.

Stiffness is excellent. Feels rock solid around the BB area, considerably better than my previous Cervelo S3, although the Kyklos does benefit from a BB30.
Comfort is good (much better than the Cervelo S3), but it's still a fairly stiff bike. My Look 585 is more comfortable but lacks stiffness.
Handling-wise, it's well judged with no surprises. I used to find the S3 a little slow to change direction. The Look 585 is much sharper handling and more agile. The Kyklos is somewhere between the two.

Basically, it's a great frame. No shocks to report. Only slight issue is that I struggled with a Tune rear QR. For some reason, the drop out and skewer didn't get on well so I swapped to something else.

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by Geoff

Ok, that's nice. Good to see different product here.

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by poully

Thanks Giles, I'm pleased to hear the bike's all you hoped for.
Sounds a similar report to what I've managed to unearth so far and Kyklos could be on the shortlist for my future purchase.
Great looking bike.

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by gilesharrison

Thanks for the comments on the bike. I don't think anyone would be disappointed in it.

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by jamr1

prendrefeu wrote:I like it, but why is it limited? What are they limiting?!?

(and, echoing DJ's question. What's the weight?)

fa63 wrote:Kyklos is Di Luca's bike company, correct?

Does it come with a drug injection plan in the manual? A place to store needles?


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