Lightest Steel Toe Clip

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by rayms

Who makes the lightest?
I am hesitant to get an alloy pair because of when they break it may be dangerous.

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by sharkman

Why schould it be dangerous. The toe clips only pupose is to keep the leather strap in place which does the job of sucuring your shoe/foot together with cleat on the pedal.
Used alloy toe clips in competition (single for road an double strap on track) and never had a single problem (even resin clips will be ok)

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by rayms

I may be riding cleatless.

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by bikewithnoname

As sharkman says it's the strap that holds your foot to the pedal, not the clip itself, should the clip/cage itself break (not entirely sure how that would happen tbh) you're still strapped to the pedal.

That said MKS make an NJS approved steel toeclip, given they are approved fro Keiren riding they're nice and strong, I used to have them on a retro track bike. I belive they came in just over 30gms
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