Anyone show me lightweight steel builds?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by boss155

Thinking of starting a light steel build, need some inspiration!

by Weenie


by musket

Here's mine. Not super light, but a good starting point. Easy shave 1kg without much effort.

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by LionelB

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by lancejohnson

I'm a bit crazy for steel and have five steel bikes right now, one in process, and material pulled for three more. I think the old-school steel thing is good and lovely, but I really like oversized, modern steel. To me the biggest thing is to find a frame builder with a perspective - someone who has thought about what they are building and how they can make it function better than anyone else.

Here is my favorite steel bike so far. It's got a Colombus Life down tube; S3 top tube, head tube, seat tube and seat stays; and custom OX Platinum chainstays. Smooth, stiff, reasonably light, and the workmanship is phenomenal. It also doesn't hurt that I have a great painter to work with as well. The paint on my steel bikes is probably part of the reason that I have such an attachment to them. No good pics because my camera battery died, but I'll post a couple once I get that replaced...

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by corky

That’s an Instagasm right there.....

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by NickJHP

This one claims 7.6kg fully equipped: ... in-girona/.

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by Flapmeat

Here's my Serotta Fierte. Best bike I've ever ridden, I prefer it over my Legend Ti ST. I can certainly cut down on weight but I really love how it rides as it is...

I haven't weighed it after I threw on a new Williams seatpost and the wheels I built (Reynolds Assault rims, CX Rays, DT240s) but it was 7.3kg before.


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by sungod

this is my xcr, about 7 kg, could reduce it a bit more on things like bars, fork, but i prefer the feel as it is

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by Frankie - B

Sungod, is that a cinelli? I realy like the mix of parts you have on there!
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by sungod

yes, cinelli xcr, it's the original bb30 version, frame will soon be 9 years old, i've changed almost everything else over the years!

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by morganb

Wookski wrote:
Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:14 am
This is my dream bike. Came really close to getting a demo Uli frame from them but it sold.

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by nickf

English V3 comes in at 6.1kg. Does everything my Evo himod does, with the smoothness of steel. Painted frame was 1480g. Below are the tubes used.

Headtube: True Temper
Downtube: Columbus Life Aero
Toptube: Columbus Life, custom ovalised
Seattube sockets: 4130 machined to fit
Seattube/headtube insert: Enve carbon
Chainstays: Columbus Zona s-bend
Seatstays: 4130, 3/8" x 0.028", custom formed
Bottom bracket: BSA, internally machined to reduce weight
Dropouts: Paragon Machine Works, modified to reduce weight


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by Marin

7.7kg inc. pedals, on 38mm tires:


by Weenie

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