Lightest secure bottle cages

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Sisbud

Arundel mandible

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by Weenie

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by socratease

King Titanium.

Easy to get bottle into/out of, but hold very well.

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by Ozrider

+1 on the Arundel Mandible. Holds bottles much more securely than my Zipp cages on my other bike.
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by bobbyOCR

Both King cages and Arundel Mandibles are absolutely fantastic.
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by Elrey

Had no problems so far with Tune and Camelbag. It's not a thigt fit, but it stays in place.

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by SWijland

+1 for Tune Wasserträger. They work great, look great and are cheap enough.

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by otoman

I'm not answering the question as cost was not a factor in the question, but to me PRO fiberglass bottle cages (32g, $20 USD and VERY secure with any kind of bottle you throw in there) are the standard against which other cages need to be compared. Saving 6g? That will be $40 please. You get the idea... ... nAodxioAfA

I find that bottle cages are one of the last places I'll look to weight savings. As a previous poster alluded to, having no fluids really sucks and will degrade your performance far beyond any minimal gain to be had from 20 grams of weight savings.

I used Zipp cages and they are terrible. They do an OK job of holding a bottle on the downtube, but the seat tube Zipp cage is a guaranteed bottle ejection the first bump/railroad crossing/gravel road you hit. :roll:
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by Tinea Pedis

otoman wrote:As a previous poster alluded to, having no fluids really sucks and will degrade your performance far beyond any minimal gain to be had from 20 grams of weight savings.

Not to mention the abuse you'll rightly cop if racing and you eject a bottle in the middle of the bunch.

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by 1415chris

Smud's cages will guarantee you no bottle ejection.
Sometimes, especially in the wet dirty conditions, they hold the bottles a bit too much :wink:
Weight 5.5g. They are very strong even for 750ml bottles.
The only drawbacks is very limited choice of decent conical shaped bottles.

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by sugarkane

I have around 10000kms on a set of Emporelli's and they have been fantasic. I've lost only one bottle. And it was a monster pot hole, I'm lucky it didn't cost me a wheel.
I like em and For the record I think arundels look horrendous!
I like kings but not on a carbon frame!

Been able to chuck your bottle in any which way you like is a big plus :thumbup:
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by SDP

would love some emporellis but mandibles or dave-o for you see earlier in thread had some btp..never lost a bottle but felt flimsy.

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by split

I just ordered a set of the new Bontrager XXX, claimed 16g? I'll let you know how it holds up.

I've used the Vincero magnet mounts and found them to be ok, just had to get used to not sliding the bottle in and out. And you have to use their bottles which the lids warped over time. Maybe they have improved on this. They were very secure, even XC mountain biking. 16g also.
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by MaxDaddy

I've never had a bit of trouble with the Zipp carbon cages.

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by dgasmd

I had a version of these below. The bottom tab would break about every 1.5-2 years on the seat tube cage, but never on the down tube cage. I always use 750 ml bottles. They were 9 or 10 grm and I loved them except for the fact that not all bottles would fit it. Never ejected a bottle even during a crash at 26 mph! Couldn't find them again for the longest time when needed 2 replacements, so tried the arundel mandibles. Too heavy for my taste at 29 grm, but they do hold the bottle well. So well in fact that they are like the grip of death! :x :evil: :x It takes a very strong effort to get the bottles out and back in. It has also deformed every single bottle I have used on it because of the tight grip on the bottles. I will be looking for some more of the ones below.


Below is a link to similar but under different name:

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by fdegrove


Below is a link to similar but under different name

That one's not quite same but I think this one is:

There's quite a few of those floating around e-shops in Europe. Probably on the bay as well.

Ciao, ;)
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by Weenie

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