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by Ufgators

I am using two arundel mandibel cages right now (about 32grams each) and I am wondering if I have any lighter options for cages while still keeping the bottles secure. Any suggestions?

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by Calnago

You've got possibly the best cages available right now. Any change for weights sake is a downgrade IMO.
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by Weenie

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by Gregorio

Speedplay nano grams are great cages at about 18g ea. Very secure even on gravel roads.

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by 109er

suprisingly Token makes a good bottle cage thats fairly light, 26 grams; it also holds bottles pretty well.

King Ti cages are awesome and last a lifetime.

Any Arundel cage is top of the list.
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by nitropowered

I would just stick with your arundels. Losing a bottle mid race with no feeds for miles makes for a miserable race.

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by geebee2

I have had bottles jumping out when I hit a pothole on training rides, two different types of holder.

I now use a bit of electrical tape to stop the holder opening too far.

Not very elegant, but seems to work.

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by jmilliron

If yours are half as secure as mine, stick with the Arundel Mandibles. I'm so ####ing sick of people trying to kill me with their ejected water bottles.
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by TOflat

I've been using 2 topeak carbon cages for the better part of a year and a half and zero problems whatsoever. 16g each.

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by carbs

My Smud Carbon MTB version weigh 9 grams, never lost a bottle. Road version are 5 grams.
They look great, 1 year warranty and are fairly cheap but only if you don't mind having to use conical bottles.

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by prendrefeu

Generic carbons @ 16g each, a pair for $30 shipped. Never lost a bottle, road or mountain.
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by RippedUp

Gregorio wrote:Speedplay nano grams are great cages at about 18g ea. Very secure even on gravel roads.

I have them and have been disappointed by their poor ability to hold the bottles in place while descending on less than perfect roads..

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by sungod

i've got the speedplay ones as well, not had any problems on rough roads, in fact the bottles even stayed put in a crash when a car pulled across me

having said that, i find i can only use the supplied bottles with them, the cages are very stiff - bottles that are only slightly larger are too tight, those slightly smaller are too loose

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by RippedUp

I haven't been using the supplied bottles. Maybe that's why..

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by SDP

i just got two of the new BTP 6.5gm ( actually about 9gms ) & i doubt i'll lose a bottle from them
reassuringly expensive !

i had arundels on before & if i was still racing would prob leave them on for insurance purposes

by Weenie

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by eigner

I have had the minimalistic Tune Wasserträger (w. tune bottles), Speedplay Nanogram (w. speedplay bottles) and now Arundel Mandible. I can only say that the best of those 3 are the arundel.
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