Best BB30 to BSA adapter?

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by wrcompositi

alexb618 wrote:thanks everyone for the info in this thread

my last bb30 frame i used na FSA adapter/sleeve which worked well, but i do not have the press to fit it so i had to pay a shop to do it

have just bought a new bb30 frame and i am going to try the kcnc bb30 adapter/bottom bracket - looks like a good system and only about $50, plus seems very simple to install

i did consider the wheels mfg setup but i would need to buy the bb30 bearings plus the tools to install it that i don't own... works out better to go with the kcnc (if it works)

Actually you don't need a special tool to install BB30 bearings. A long screw rod, 2 nuts and 2 large washers make an adequate headset press / BB30 install tool.

by Weenie

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by alexb618

i have made one of these to fit headsets but using it is average at best without the bits under the washer that center the tool on the bearing/cup

the next time i press bearings into a frame i will be using a nice tool

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by dbordewisch

Having installed a few Praxis, they work very well. Comes right for service. No Lock tite or spacers. Just works.

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by alexb618

update for anyone searching on google etc and this thread comes up

i have been running the kcnc bb30 bottom bracket to run 7900 cranks for about a week or so now. it is a very similar design to the praxis conversion bb. you need two bb tools to install it so it can just screw into itself. kcnc do not say to use any grease or loctite on the bb shell so i didnt and was a bit sceptical but 600km later it is completely silent, it works and i dont notice it at all (the sign of a good component imo)

for approx $60 i recommend the kcnc bb30 adapter

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by AptosBigRing

Hi guys,
Just an FYI as I've had inquiries here. A couple BB's out there *look* like our Praxis Conv BB, but they don't perform like ours.

Our unique Collet System is what sets ours apart as it evenly disperses pressure to create a Noise/wiggle free setup.
The drive cup threads into the Pressed ND cup (not spinning in the frame like others) and expands exactly to spec and bottoms out at a machined stop. This sets the bearings exactly at Shimano spec, opens the collet precisely at 42mm, and keeps the bearings concentric at all times.

Have a look at the product page here for more info.
Hope this helps and thanks for the email questions!

Praxis Works
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by eric

Adam, any chance of a GXP verision?

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by blantonator

yes, a GXP version pls! :D

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by grouk

ok i will be elected gravedigger of the year

i tink my spec venge frame finally arrive in the first week of the new year. i am so desperate for new bike that I want to assemble it as fast as possible.
i never had a bike that was not bsa. several times I tried to understand the various types of BB but simply cant.
i want to use my rotor 3d crank. what i have to do/buy


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by jekyll man

Should be just OSBB to HT2convertor like this:
Official cafe stop tester

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