Zipp Firecrest vs. non-Firecrest?

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by phourgenres

I tried the search engine, couldn't find anything.

The zipp claim is that the 808 firecrest has the same feeling as normal 404s in a crosswind.

Anyone have experiencewith both? Do the firecrests really help that much in a crosswind?

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by sedluk

For as long as I can remember Zipp has had some of the best marketing claims. Their videos are second to none and their charts are fantastic.

But I always had my doubts about how much difference the dimples made. And then every year they came up with a new rim design that saves 20% or more on everything. They have been making vast improvements to their hubs for over a decade but they still have problems.

And back to the dimples, do they still save as much energy as they use to?

And why is it that no one can tell any real world difference?

And why is it that their wheels are still hitting the brake track when you get out of the saddle?

And just so you know, I own 2 different Zipp wheelsets.

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by cswi9367

i can give real world experience. ive ridden zipp for 3 years. during that time, the firecrest shape hit last year in the 404. i rode those and they handled winds much more like a 303. Now, i ride the 303 also, and they handle the winds very well. Much less than other 45mm deep wheels. As for the 808 firecrest, yes, it handles well. Is it as stable as the old 404? close.

But, these are my opinions. and, you know what opinions are.
the firecrest shape has definitely been a big upgrade and feels much more stable in the winds. Much. i would suggest.

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by footwerx

i don't find the 808 FCs as stable as the old 404. not even remotely close. heck, i find them worse than Hed 3s. fortunately i don't face strong winds often so they are still my first choice race wheels.

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