Different hubs front and rear?

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by RMcC

Other than for aesthetic reasons is it ok to run different front and rear hubs?

I'm thinking of building a wheelsets using an American classic micro 58 on the front an a Planet X rear hub. This is mainly due to the ac front being pretty light and within my budget but their rear hub is a lot more expensive than the Planet X version.

Thoughts please?

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

No reason not to do this, other than aesthetics.

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by ergott

I haven't looked at the Planet=X hub, but the Micro is prone to bearing wear since the bearings are tiny in them. Be prepared to service the hub more (which is rather simple).

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by sawyer

For technical reasons it is highly inadvisable, not to mention dangerou, to run different hubs. You've been warned!

It's a no-no.

Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by HillRPete

I'd recommends to use matching hubs, purely for aesthetic reasons. You're probably going to look at the bike more often than put it on a scale.

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by skiezo

I have been running the AC micro on a set of wheels for years. I get about 1500 miles before they need serviced. It is a good front hub IMHO. I run this wheel set with a campy record rear hub on a set of sun venus rims and have about 10,000 miles on this set of wheels. They are Speed Dream built wheels. The rear is a 32 hole hub built up 16 DS and 8 NDS. He only used 24 of the 32 on the hub. Very light and bulletproof build. One of my favorite wheelsets. Lite,stiff, and made to last.
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by Cheers!

nothing wrong. I do it all the time especially for mountain bikes. I like the extralite front hub, but I like the engagement and durability of Chris King. So I got a black Chris King ISO disc on the back and the extralite in the front.

For my daily road bike I have a 1990 Clark Kent Pineapple front hub (an odd collectable for some) and a 1991 Chris King Classic in the rear. Both laced 32 spokes to open pros.

Why not optimize for the best. I also have no problems mixing Campy and sram/shimano and I don't believe in matching stem, bar and seatpost. Buy whatever is best for the specific part.

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by jbf

Not a problem at all. My favorite wheelset has a rear Campy OS 9/10/11's 32H silver hub matched to a American Classic Micro 58 28H silver front hub. Rear rim is a Velocity Aerohead OC 32H and the front is now a Stan's Alpha 340. Spokes are consistent all around, silver CX-Rays. Wheels don't look mismatched at all and are bulletproof. The AC front hub does have small bearings which will never match the longevity of the Campy hubs, but they are cheap and really easy to replace.

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