Best Lightweight AND Comfortable Saddle?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

SLRs are the second best saddle for me ever. I ride a stripped one on my mountain bike (no padding) and race big long races on it without discomfort (12, 24hr).

I have an ebay carbon saddle that is the same shape on my roadie, weighs 94g (actual) and was $50. I thought it'd be horrible, but it's fine with knicks. It's torture if I ride it to the shops in jeans.

For really long riding, like touring, I like the Selle San Marco Concor Light. This is the comfiest saddle for me, ever, but it weighs 220g or so.

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by ramchip

I now have caught the ww bug so I'm planning a true ww build. I ride 3 or 4 times a week usually between 50km & 80km with a couple of 160kms each month. I'm lucking at the AX Lightness & MCFK saddles as I would like a saddle < 100g. How comfy are these saddles? Which one do you think is best or would you recommend another?

by Weenie

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by bikewithnoname

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by HillRPete

You need to tell which saddles you know work for your anatomy, so people can try to suggest similar shapes that felt good for them.

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by claus

Sorry for joining in, but this seems to be good opportunity: I'm looking for a very light saddle too, but it would have to match the shape of the "classic" Flite (the original).
Did anyone go through that upgrade? Would
- one of the AX Lightness (which: Sprint, AX1000, Phoenix, ...)
- a Tune speedneedle
- a Smud Carbon
- something else
saddle match the Flite shape?

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by drainyoo

I suggest getting a full carbon Chinese saddle off of eBay. They weigh less than 100g and cost under $100, so if it doesn't fit well, the loss isn't huge. Here is a photo of the one I have. Great weight, price and quality. Haven't rode it yet, so can't comment on comfort.


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by HillRPete

drainyoo wrote:Great [...] quality. Haven't rode it yet

Uh oh

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DASH, buy mine, 87 grams! I have three of them, would and could not use anything else now, msg me if interested.
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by aftereffector

S-Works Toupe for me. I can also ride a Fizik Aliante and a Cobb HC170. I've tried a few other saddles but nothing has fit my butt better than those three. On a tri bike, I can ride the Cobb SHC very comfortably and the Fizik Arione, well, somewhat less comfortably; Ism Adamos are right out. I have heard lots of good things about Dash but the shape seems to resemble an Adamo, so I think I might as well just save the money and stay with the Toupe and other 143mm saddles with cutouts.

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